Instagram is also preparing its own alternative to Clubhouse

Instagram is working on its own audio chats and end-to-end encryption.

The great limitation of the so-called audio social network, Clubhouse, is that It is available only on iOS and that to access it you must be invited by another user, something that their competitors are trying to take advantage of to position yourself as soon as possible on Android and create a platform without invitations, before the Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth app hit the Google Play Store.

Well, the last we know is that Instagram has moved and is already preparing your own clone of the hit audio chat app.

Instagram wants to have its voice chats ready before the arrival of Clubhouse to Android

Instagram wants to have its voice chats ready before the arrival of Clubhouse to Android

After Twitter, the next to create its own audio social network will be Instagram

As the guys from XDA-Developers tell us, Instagram is preparing its own Clubhouse clone, which could be available very soon.

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If a few days ago we were talking about the arrival of Spaces, Twitter's alternative to the audio social network, to Android, now it is another of the most important social networks of the moment, Instagram, which is being developed your own audio chat rooms within your application.

Thanks to the application researcher Alessandro paluzzi We have had access to a couple of screenshots of the Facebook application, which show how this new function appears in the Instagram interface. Thus, in these images we can observe a microphone icon next to a camcorder icon that appears regularly in the live broadcasts of this social network, which recently launched Live Rooms, a new function that allows up to four people to perform live broadcasts.

Although this new feature that enables the ability to create audio chat rooms is relatively new, experts say that This feature began to be tested about two years ago.

End-to-end encryption could be coming to Instagram very soon

But, in addition to being working on a Clubhouse clone, Instagram would also be focusing its efforts on include end-to-end encryption in your chats, something that, within the group of mobile applications owned by Mark Zuckerberg, only WhatsApp currently has.

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In fact, the idea of ​​Facebook's top manager is that all your messaging applications have this type of encryption, with the idea that, in the future, they can all be unified into one.

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