Instagram claims it will stop adults from sending private messages to teens who don't follow them

Instagram has announced measures to "make the younger members of our community safer." The most important, as The Verge collects, is that prevent adults from initiating private conversations with adolescents (under 18 years of age) who do not follow them.

With this, the company claims to protect teenagers from unwanted contact. Put into practice, it means, according to the Instagram statement, that adults will be notified that writing to that minor is not an option, as seen in the main image of the article.

Minors will receive safety alerts when writing to adults with suspicious behavior

Instagram Minors

In addition to this preventive measure for all adults, Instagram affirms that it is going to implement another related measure, such as indicating through security notices to adolescents that the person they already have a relationship with through messages can be dangerous.

They will do this based on what they call "potentially suspicious behavior", and to place this label they rely on, for example, sending many friend requests to minors. Upon receiving the alert, teens will be able to end the conversation, block, report or restrict.

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Beyond the age indicated to the platform in the registry, from the social network they affirm that the functions to prevent the harassment of minors use machine learning to predict people's ages. In that sense, on Instagram they cite end-to-end encryption as a brake for other security measures, but that they are taking into account to achieve the task.

By last, Instagram will urge young people to make their account private. Right now, they already offer an option in the registry that gives them to choose between public and private profile and, if they choose the first, they will later receive messages explaining the advantages of having a private account.

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