Instagram Announces New Feature To Protect Teen Users

The sending of messages to users under 18 years of age will have a clear limitation with the new Instagram measure.

Adolescents represent one of the segments of the population most present in social networks. A good example of this are TikTok and Instagram, two platforms with one large presence of minors among its users.

Both social networks have various measures to make it easier for adolescents to use their services safely. For example, TikTok blocks any communication with users under the age of 16, although the accounts follow each other. This initiative is now joined by Instagram, which has taken a series of measures to make it even more difficult for adults to communicate with minors of 18 years.

Teens on Instagram

Instagram has added a new measure related to messages to people under 18 years of age.

Limits for communicating with teenage users on Instagram

Aware of the large number of underage users on its platform, Instagram has developed a new package of measures to protect this sector of its community. It is not the first decision that he makes in this sense, since block the accounts of children under 13 years of age.

The main change brought about by the new measures is the blocking direct messages between an adult and a teenager. From now on, an adult user will only be able to communicate with a minor user if the latter follows him. In this way, Instagram protects teenagers and manages to offer them a somewhat safer space.

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In addition, as Instagram has announced on its website, the platform will advise teenagers to be more cautious when talking to older people through private messages. To do this, Instagram will show safety notices to minors when an adult who contacts him has shown a suspicious attitude.

As specified by the social network itself, it will send alerts if an adult user has sent a lot of friend requests or messages to minors under 18 years of age. Thus, adolescents can immediately end the conversation, block and even report adult behavior on the network.

Another measure that Instagram is already working on is making it more difficult for adults with a potentially suspicious attitude to find teenage users on the platform. Those responsible for the service are already exploring the possibility of block the appearance of minors in "Suggested Users", in the Reels and in the "Explore" tab, in addition to hide your comments in public posts. We emphasize that these would be measures that would only be applied with suspicious users of legal age.

Limit interactions on Instagram

Instagram wants to be a safer place for teens.

In the package of measures of Instagram to protect adolescents is also the introduction of a new step when creating an account that will encourage teens to set it as private. Furthermore, Instagram is developing a new artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to more easily detect those accounts of minors under 13 that you must block.

Finally, the protection of adolescents involves supporting parents and minors with new resources to properly manage the presence of the latter in the social network. In collaboration with The Child Mind Institute and ConnectSafely, Instagram has created a guide for parents which includes the latest security and privacy tools, as well as recommendations for taking care of your children without radically prohibiting them from using the social network.

In short, there are several measures that Instagram has implemented to protect adolescents who use the social network to share their experiences and communicate with other people. Hopefully they meet their goal and help the development of a safer social space for those under 18 years of age.

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