Instagram allows you to activate the 'dark mode' on the web with a simple trick

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today, to which millions of users upload their videos and photos daily.

Although its use is mostly mobile, it is also accessible through a web version, although this does not arouse much enthusiasm among users for carrying some shortcomings.

And one of those shortcomings is the non-existence of an official 'dark mode' that allows to give the eyes a break from the excess of whiteness of the default appearance of the web.

This inconvenience already had a partial solution as of 2018, when the extension for Chrome (and other compatible browsers) called 'Night Mode for Instagram' was released.

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The extension has more than 100,000 users thanks to the fact that 'dark mode' is one of the most requested functionalities by users of multitude of applications and platforms in recent years, but ...

....and if it is not necessary to use any extra component to enjoy a dark Instagram?

A little change for the URL, a big change for a sight

Applications researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has unveiled a simple trick to make it possible: just add the modifier to the end of the web url '? theme = dark'.

Thus, it will suffice with access the following address to enjoy dark mode:

If we access another section of the website (such as one of the user profiles that we follow), the added parameter will disappear from the URL, but the subject will remain dark.

However, if at any time we reload the page, we would go back to the white version and we should repeat the process.

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