If you are concerned about your privacy, you will want Android 12 to arrive as soon as possible

Android 12 will advocate for more useful, simple and transparent privacy tools.

Little by little, as its development progresses and with Developer Preview # 2 among us, the truth is that Android 12 it is brushing with a lot of most interesting news, among which we will see AVIF to improve images, haptic sound or that evolution of Material Design that we all expected.

There will be many sticks that Google developers will touch with this latest flavor of Android, which also prepares very important improvements in the privacy section, with more transparent tools and real-time usage notifications for components like camera or microphone presented to us by the Android Central colleagues.

Android 12

Android 12, the latest flavor of Google's mobile operating system, is taking shape.

It therefore seems that Google wants to continue this work started in Android 11 with the permissions only once, but in this case expanding its possibilities and helping the user to know exactly and at all times which applications are accessing sensitive information or terminal components such as location, cameras, or microphones.

This is, even though we have allowed access to these resources for any of our applications, from Android 12 we will also see a notification in a striking green ellipse that identifies us the use of sensitive components in real time.

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As you will see, no matter what app you are accessing to the camera or the microphones, because once activated Android 12 Developer Preview # 2 already shows us this novelty that will allow us check at a glance if there are illegal accesses that endanger our privacy, even if we have forgotten to have previously offered those permissions to an application.

It will be enough a simple tap on the notification to open a window with additional details, showing the activated functionalities and the applications that are using them, and the notification disappearing directly when no app is doing any of these permissions.

Starting with Android 12, Google will alert all users about the use of privacy-sensitive permissions, both in the notification curtain and in the status bar with a few simple icons.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you will want Android 12 to arrive as soon as possible

The best thing is that you are alert will also be displayed in the status bar, activating icons according to the components used at all times, to make it much easier know when the camera is activated or the microphones listening to us without major difficulties.

They say from Google that they are aware that even though there are many more permissions that we can enable and disable individually for each application, if we talk about the privacy of the users the most important are precisely these three, those of the location, the camera and the microphone, something that we absolutely agree on.

Seeing one more icon does not bother, and it will be useful to prevent our applications from spying on us without permission, so Google must be thanked for continuing with this work seeking maximum transparency in the permissions that we enable for Android apps ... Android 12 is coming soon!

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