Huawei wants to be Xiaomi and has launched a smart shaver with USB-C

The Huawei Electric Shaver is already a reality, although at the moment it will only be sold in China.

Normally, the horizontal expansion of mobile brands is accompanied by an almost hegemonic name: Xiaomi. The Chinese firm is a specialist in stretching ad infinitum its catalog of products, from air conditioners to screwdrivers, through smart refrigerators and even deep fryers.

However, it seems that from Huawei they begin to explore, at least in China, the exciting world of the Small household appliances, a segment that, until now, seemed limited to mobile phones, office automation, wearables and little else. Thus, the Shenzen have recently launched a curious product not too common in his portfolio: a shaving machine.

This is the Huawei electric shaver

Huawei Smart Turbo Shaver

This is how minimalist the Huawei Electric Shaver, Huawei's razor, looks.

First of all, it should be noted that this razor was presented in China a few weeks ago under the name of Huawei Dynacare Turbo Six-Blade Shaver, a gadget that we heard about today thanks to the folks at Huawei Central, who have shared some additional details about it.

Thus, we know that this new Electric razor, with a minimalist design forged in a compact stainless steel body, it has a system of six blades that work according to the parameters configured in the app. Huawei HiLink.

In this way, depending on the type of beard we have and the result we want to achieve, we can configure one type or another of shaving from our Huawei mobile, where, among other things, we can also check the condition of the blades or battery, adjust the number of revolutions at which the razor works or simply check our history of use.

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Additionally, the Huawei Dynacare Turbo Six-Blade Shaver includes fast charging via USB-C, certified water resistance IPX7 and a price to change that is around the 40 dollars.

Unfortunately for now there is no news that the product will leave China, although it is still too early to rule out its future presence on platforms like AliExpress.

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