Huawei Petal vs Google Search: main differences and similarities

Huawei Petal is the search engine of the Chinese brand and more interesting than it seems.

If there is a function on the Internet that we use practically every day, that's the search engine. From doubts, businesses, addresses, the temperature that is going to be during the week ... we look for everything on the Internet.

And the most used search engine? Google. While there are many alternatives, we are not going to deny that Google is ubiquitous. It's fast, internet searches are very specific and honestly, It is the search engine that comes by default in all Android terminals.

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But let's talk about one of the “younger” alternatives to Google Search. Huawei Petal, which as you can imagine, is the response of the Chinese firm to the prohibition of using the apps and services of the Mountain View company.

Huawei P40 Pro +

Huawei Petal is the search engine of the Chinese firm that wants to compete with Google Search

But, Is Petal worth it in front of the Google search engine? They look alike? Is better? Worse? Let's try to answer these and more questions.

What is Huawei Petal?

As many of you will remember, during Donald Trump's term in the United States, American companies were prohibited from doing business with the Chinese brand. This was a hard blow to what at that time was one of the most important mobile phone companies and to be in the first positions in the western markets, has been vastly outmatched by the competition.

Given the fact that the new Huawei smartphones - such as the Huawei P40 - could not have Google services or apps, the brand had no choice but to launch its own services as an alternative. Not Gmail, not YouTube, not Play Store, not even Google Maps. Much less, Google's own search engine.

Huawei has been little by little "weathering the storm" and launching its own alternatives with greater or less success. One of the most recent is Huwei Petal which is basically the Google Search of the Chinese firm.

Against all odds, consumer response to Petal has been pretty decent. Its interface has been renewed and Huawei has been adding different functions over time not only to be more attractive to users, but also more useful. Nonetheless, Is it a worthy rival of the Google search engine?

What characteristics does it have?

Petal Maps, Huawei's maps and navigation app

Petal also in navigation mode

If you want to access Huawei Petal from the browser, you only have to access this link that we leave you below. Here you will see that the Petal interface is quite minimalist and that in addition to being a search engine, also has a featured news feed, very Google.

However, the Petal mobile application, already included in all Huawei smartphones, It has all the functions that a search engine should have and that a user needs. That is, when we are going to perform a search, we can filter the different categories:

  • Applications
  • News
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Questions and answers
  • Music

How is it similar to Google Search?

Petal Search on mobile and PC

Petal Search for mobile and PC.

Huawei Petal is a more than decent alternative to Google Search, at least for all those who have a Huawei terminal. Like the Google search engine, It is a very easy to use search engine, it has a featured news feed and can be filtered by category.

Does this mean that Petal can overshadow the almighty Google? Absolutely not.

What are the differences with Google Search?

Many. Not surprisingly, the Google search engine was developed in 1997, it is "installed" in millions of devices around the world and accounts for more than 90% of all web searches. That means that the information that Google has is millions of times greater than that of Huawei so your search results will always be better and more accurate.

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However, Huawei Petal could become the most important search engine in the Chinese market in the future and those are big words. Petal has already achieved 18 million active users and the firm aims to reach 60 million by the end of this 2021.

We cannot hope that Huawei Petal will be comparable to Google Search in such a short time, but considering how powerful the Chinese firm is, we do not doubt that in a couple of years, Petal will be a rival to take into account.

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