How to use Twitter Spaces: Find rooms, enter, ...

We explain how to create your own Twitter Spaces audio rooms, and how to enter and speak in those opened by other users.

Twitter Spaces promises to be one of the most popular features on Twitter in 2021, at least for as long as Clubhouse has become popular in online chat. In definitive accounts, the operation of Spaces is very similar, since it consists in audio rooms where social network users can chat giving priority to voice.

Although it began being only available for iOS, the Twitter Spaces function has already begun its landing on Android devices. Therefore, it is the perfect time to learn how to use this tool and thus get the most out of it.

To master it you only need this guide in which we will explain you in detail how to create your own audio rooms on Twitter, how to participate in conversations created by others and how to attend them simply as a listener. We started!

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces gives users a space to chat with each other using only their voice.

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How to Use Twitter Spaces: Getting Started Guide

As we said, Twitter Spaces are spaces in the social network where users can meet to talk using only their voice. These audio rooms admit a maximum of 10 participants, although there is no limit number for listeners.

You can create an audio room just to chat with your friends, or to discuss with other users with whom you share interest for a specific topic. The utilities of Twitter Spaces can be multiple, so it is best to learn how to use this tool to get the most out of it.

How to create your audio rooms

Let's first see how to create your own audio room, to which you can invite other users to participate or have them as listeners. Being the creator of a room, it is you who has the power to enable or disable microphones, to expel interlocutors who do not respect your rules and to download a copy of the content during the 30 days after its closing.

Knowing these details, we are going to explain step by step how to create your audio rooms from a mobile device:

  1. Click on the pen button with the + in the lower right corner, then click the Audio Rooms icon on the far left. Another option to create an audio room is to click on your profile photo in the Fleets bar, scroll to the extreme right and select "Audio rooms".
  2. Select users Those you want to invite to your audio room, can be up to 10.
  3. Choose who can join after the conversation: “Everyone”, “People you follow” or “Only the people I invite to speak”.
  4. Press "Start your audio room".
  5. Click on "Allow access to the microphone" so that Twitter Spaces can emit your voice.
  6. Choose whether or not you want to share transcripts And voila, start unleashing your thoughts in the audio room that you have created yourself with Twitter Spaces.
Audio room at Twitter Spaces

This is what an audio room you create on Twitter Spaces looks like.

Once you have created the audio room and other users have joined as interlocutors, you can click on them to turn your microphone on or off. This way you can put some order if several participants start talking at the same time and the conversation becomes unintelligible.

Keep in mind that to create your own audio room your account cannot be protected, in addition to for now the meetings are public and any user can access them.

When you want to close the room, click on the "Finish" button in the upper right corner. No Twitter user will be able to listen to what you have talked about again, but we must mention that the social network a backup is kept for 30 days to check that their rules have been respected.

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How to participate in other users' audio rooms

The audio rooms created by other users are visible at the top of the Twitter main page, that is, in the Fleets section. When a user has a room open, it will appear your profile picture circled in purple. To join their meeting as a participant, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the photo user profile with purple circle.
  2. Select option "Interlocutor".
  3. Click on the button "Join this space."
  4. Enable your microphone in the lower left corner to start talking to the other participants.

Another possibility to join Twitter Spaces audio rooms created by other users as an interlocutor is that let them be the ones who invite you. They can do it by direct message or by sending you an invitation link that they will get when creating that room.

How to enter audio rooms as a listener

Finally, you can listen to the content of a Twitter audio room without having the possibility to participate in it if you enter as a listener. When you are not interested in the conversation, you can leave the room without any problem. Evidently, the creator will be able to see that you have joined as a listener to your space.

To enter the Twitter audio rooms as a listener, follow this process:

  1. Click on the photo profile of the user with the purple circle in the Fleets tab.
  2. Select the option "Listener".
  3. Click on the button "Join this space."

Ready, you will be inside the audio room to listen and attend to what is commented inside it. It only remains to enjoy this interesting function added by Twitter and, why not, encourage you to create your own audio rooms. Not knowing how to create them can no longer be an excuse to take advantage of Twitter Spaces to chat with other users.

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