How to unlock your mobile if it has a broken screen

Has your mobile screen been broken and you can't unlock it? Try these different methods to unlock the terminal and access the data.

Sometimes, not even the phone case can prevent that the screen of the same breaks after a good fall or hit. This problem is one of the most annoying that you can suffer with your smartphone, as it can cause the screen to be completely unusable and, thus, you can't unlock the phone.

If your mobile screen has been broken and you cannot unlock it, there is various methods you can use to overcome the lock screen and access the terminal data. One by one, in this guide we explain these methods that will help you greatly if the screen of your phone has been broken.

Unlock mobile with broken screen

So you can unlock your mobile if it has a broken screen.

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Using an OTG cable and a mouse

The first thing you can do to unlock your phone even if its screen is broken is to use a mouse to control the phone. We must clarify, yes, that this method will only work for you if the screen content is still visible after the fall. In addition, you not only need a mouse, you will also have to have an OTG connector that serves as a link between the peripheral and the mobile.

Once you have both accessories, connect them to the smartphone and use the mouse to unlock the screen, you can enter the PIN, password or pattern set as the lock tool.

mouse with otg cable connected to mobile device

To use a mouse with your mobile you only need an OTG adapter.

Find my Samsung mobile

Another tool that you can use to unlock your mobile with a broken screen is called “Find my mobile”. Unfortunately, this is a function developed by Samsung exclusively for your devices. If your mobile is of this brand and you cannot unlock it, do not hesitate to use this service.

Step by Step, this is what you should do to unlock your Samsung mobile from "Find my mobile":

  1. Enter the website of Find My Mobile.
  2. Login with your Samsung account.
  3. On the right side of the main screen look for the option "Unblock" and click on it.
  4. Click on "Unlock" again and then enter your Samsung account password again. In a few seconds, your phone will be unlocked automatically.
Unlock Samsung mobile with Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is Samsung's tool to find and unlock your mobile.

Of course, Find My Mobile or Find my mobile is a most interesting function for unlock your mobile if you forget your PIN, password or pattern.

How to recover or view data from a mobile with a broken screen

These are the main methods that exist to unlock your mobile if its screen is broken. In addition, you also have different options to recover data from a broken mobile. If none of the solutions is helpful, you can always resort to the intervention of a professional to change the screen for a new one, you can even do it yourself if you handle the repair of the smartphone components well.

Knowing that there are not many alternatives to continue using a phone with a damaged front, the best thing you can do is pay special attention when using and transporting your mobile to avoid any fall or blow, because even the dumbest incident can end with a broken screen.

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