How to test the news of Google Chrome before anyone else

In recent years, browser development teams have greatly accelerated the rate at which they release new versions in their products, despite the fact that Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or Brave are tremendously mature products and with very good general performance.

In that sense, despite the fact that the rate of news in Google Chrome is high, and now it will be more so thanks to monthly updates starting in the summer, Google wants users to be able to test in a simple and priority way the new features of the browser. For this, it has announced a function that we will see in the toolbar, and that will allow us to play ahead of time with the company's experiments.

An easier way to test news than flags


Alex Ainslie, lead designer on the Google Chrome team, explained that this new feature, which displays the Experiments name, has already been activated on the Canary channel, the most experimental of all that exist (Canary, Dev, Beta and stable). Thus, users who are in it, without activating anything, will receive suggestions of experimental functions to activate before they are launched in bulk.

The function not only allows us to test, but also send our opinion to the Google Chrome team, so that they know what problems we encountered and how we would improve it. The first experiments that have appeared are the reading list, the scrolling in tabs, and the search between tabs, which we talked about recently.

At the moment the experiments function will come to Canary, and later to Dev and Beta. The launch of the function, of course, does not mean that the flags will disappear, but that now there will be a more direct and user-friendly way to try the new and, especially for the company, to receive more feedback.

Via | Softzone