How to set up Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to make the most of your screen space and be more productive

The way you order your browsers will influence your productivity. If you had not thought about it, in the next few lines you will be able to check it. Above all, when your computer screen is wide in proportion, such as 16: 9. Whatever save horizontal space and take things vertically, save work space and helps you perform your tasks in a more organized and efficient way.

Taking into account the popularity they have in the big market Edge and Chrome browsers we are going to focus on knowing some configuration tricks that will help you take advantage of your screen space:

Place the tabs on one side and vertically


When using your browser, the most common is that the tabs appear at the top horizontally, just above the bar for URLs or searches. If you grab that bar of tabs and place it to the side of the screen, they will take up less space and, more, clearly showing you the logo of each of the pages that you have open so that you can identify them in a very simple way when you want to open them or put them in order.

Also, in the case of the Chromium-based Edge, which the company introduced a few days ago, Microsoft shows an icon identifying each page but it expands when you hover over them, which helps to recognize each tab. This option when the tabs are horizontal does not exist.

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Remove the favorites bar below the address bar

Google Chrome 2013

The favorites bar that often stays fixed under your address bar can be very useful because it tells you the pages to use the most during your routines. But, at the same time, they take up space from your screen and load it a lot.

  • Remove the favorites bar in Edge. In Microsoft Edge (and also in Internet Explorer 11) you can go to the menu bar, select settings and more, and then go into settings. Select the appearance and you will find several options. You can deactivate the favorites bar by selecting "never" or you can choose to see the favorites bar only in a new tab, for which you must select "only in new tabs". Besides that, removing duplicate bookmarks can also help you have a cleaner and clearer browser. Also remember that Edge collections can greatly help productivity and will make you do without the favorites bar.


  • Get rid of Chrome's bookmarks bar. In the case of the Google browser, that bar that can appear under the navigation bar is called bookmarks. Go to the software menu, the three dots. Access Bookmarks and from there click on "Show bookmarks bar". There is the option of clicking on a square to remove the mark and thus it will no longer appear. Another simpler option is pressing Ctrl + Shift + B on the keyboard. This way you can see or hide the bookmarks bar.

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