How to search between the tabs of Google Chrome so as not to get lost when you have many open

The new Chrome 89 version has reached Google browser users with news such as new user profiles, new native options for sharing items from the browser or improvements in page permission requests to make them less intrusive. In addition, the tab search function, which appeared as a novelty in the update of Chrome 88 last January, begins to reach more users by default.

Now, in the Chrome 89 version it should already appear without having to install it. But there are those who already have the new update and still do not have the icon that allows them to access this tool, very useful for those who need to keep many tabs open. Either way Here you will learn how to activate it, if it does not appear, and to use it.

In short, for you to understand its function, it is a button with a down arrow that displays a list of all open tabs if we click on it. In addition to the list, it shows a search engine where we can type anything to quickly find a specific tab.

If you don't have a tab finder, this is how you can get it


First, if you don't see a down arrow icon at the top of your browser, how do you go about getting it? Very simple: you must access the flags or experimental options of Chrome. For it, just type in the URL or navigation bar chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-search, which will take you directly to the activate function.

It will be set to "default" mode, but if it still doesn't appear "by default", you should enable (enabled) the function and restart the browser in a blue button that appears in the lower right part of the browser (you can write "relaunch" in English).

Search for tabs when you have many open


After restarting the browser, you will see a down arrow icon to the right of all tabs at the top of the screen. Just to the left of the button to minimize the screen. If you click on it, a search engine will open. Also, you should know that with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + A the tab search opens in Chrome.

How to activate the new quick actions of Google Chrome to perform operations from the URL bar

This option is very interesting for those who keep many tabs open at the same time and who want to speed up the passage from one to another without having to guess the first letter that can be seen in each one or open them to see the page they are on. .

When looking for, You must enter a term that the headlines of those tabs may include. If you enter words from the internal text of the page, not from the title, this function will not locate the tab.