How to record video calls on Meet and Zoom

There are many reasons why you need to record a video call while it is in progress. Taking into account that Zoom and that Google Meet are two of the most popular services out there So that people can communicate, we are going to learn here how to record video calls and save them in these two services.

Above all In business or educational settings, it is very necessary to record certain online conferences to make presentations for other team members who cannot attend, for future staff additions or for students in future years or months, `to give a few examples. Also when it comes to an online chat, it is worth saving it and not losing the contributions offered by the speakers.

Record a video call on Google Meet


If you want to retransmit a video call you make later, save it for some reason or even publish it later, you have to know that in Google Meet you must meet the following requirements to record a video call:

  • You must have one of these following editions of Google Workspace: Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals (feature available to users who have a "teacher" license) and Education Plus (feature available to users who have a "teacher" license or " pupil").

  • Who can do it- You must be the meeting organizer, belong to the same organization as the person who created the meeting, or be a teacher (not a student) and have access to your Google Workspace account.

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  • How to do it. You have to open Meet and start a video call or join an existing one. Access the three vertical dots located in the lower right corner of the screen, which indicates "more options" if you leave the mouse over it and click. There, if you have any of the versions of Meet mentioned, the function to "record meeting" will appear. Other participants will be notified when recording starts or stops.

  • How to stop and save recording. When the online meeting is over, you can access the three vertical points from before and click on "Stop recording". It may be that before that, all participants leave the meeting and then the recording stops automatically. The file begins to be generated automatically and you will have to wait for this process to finish.

Record a video call in Zoom

Gallery View Recording Notification

In the case of the Zoom service, those who have a Zoom Basic account (free) or higher or a version of the Zoom client 2.0 or higher can record video calls. Those who use the account for free they will have to save the resulting file on their PC and not in the cloud directly.

The steps to be carried out, once the Zoom application is open, to record a video call are these:

  • Log in to your Zoom account as an administrator or administrator, which will give you the privilege to edit the account settings. Access the Account Settings option.

  • There you will have the "local recording" function. You must enable the tab that appears, in case it is not. If not, it won't let you record when the video call starts. If a verification dialog box appears, choose "Enable to verify change."

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  • Once a video conference starts: either because you start it or because you join an existing one, you can only record the meeting if you are the host or if they give you permission. When starting the call, there are several icons at the bottom of the screen, across the screen. If you already have the permission, you will see a circle, that is the button that you must click with the mouse to start recording.

Local Recording Click On Record

  • Notification of the engraving. In the upper left corner it indicates when a video call is being recorded.

  • At the end of the video call, this recording is saved. If you have a free plan, you should save it on your computer. Wait for the file to be created. If you have a payment plan, you will have a certain capacity assigned so that the file is created directly in the cloud.

To record the video call you can also record the entire screen

record screen

If, for example, you don't have one of the aforementioned plans that Google Meet requires to record Video calls in their service have another option: to record your entire PC screen, which will include this videoconference, while on your screen you are not looking at anything different.

exist great free and easy-to-use tools for making screencasts on Windows 10 for this work and here you will know some. One of the best performing this task is Monosnap, which is used both to take screenshots and to record the screen in Windows 10 in MP4 format and is used for Windows and for macOS.

Another alternative is Screen Recorder, which allows you to do it without using third-party applications, and you can do it directly from the browser. It is completely free and you will not have to be dodging advertising.

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