How to make your Instagram posts self-destruct

Your Instagram messages can disappear once viewed or after closing the chat to chat with more privacy. So you can do it.

It was ending 2020 when Facebook launched the self-destructing messages for Messenger and Instagram. Thus, users received one of the most innovative functions, as it gave a touch of privacy to conversations when automatically delete direct messages once viewed or when exiting the chat.

After its launch, we were able to enjoy this tool in the official app for a while. Yes, we speak in the past tense because messages that self-destruct are no longer available on Instagram by "the new rules of messaging platforms in Europe". Nevertheless, there is still an option To make Instagram messages self-destruct, we explain what it is.

Instagram posts that self-destruct

So you can use self-destructing Instagram messages.

How to use self-destructing Instagram messages

We can count on the fingers of our hands the months that the temporary messages have been available in the main Instagram application.

To adapt to the new European Union regulations for messaging platforms, the platform has indefinitely removed this tool. If you try to use it in the app, you will receive a notice that explains that you can no longer send these types of messages due to these new rules in force.

However, we have to tell you that there is a possibility of using self-destructing Instagram messages. As reported by WABetaInfo, the application Threads from Instagram still has this functionality. In this case, temporary messages can only be photos and videos, not text. By the way, don't worry when using this app, it is also official.

Once the application is downloaded, you have to follow these steps to send self-destructing photos and videos on Instagram:

  1. Open Threads from Instagram on your mobile.
  2. Get into the conversation where you want to send a temporary private message.
  3. Click on the camera icon, on the left side of the text bar.
  4. Take the photo or video you want to send for later automatic deletion.
  5. Tap on the disappearing messages button, represented by a circular arrow with a 1 inside.
  6. Send the image.
Self-destructing messages on Instagram

Click on the circular arrow button to activate the function. Source: WABetaInfo

When the recipient opens the conversation and sees the image that you sent them, it will disappear automatically. At the moment, this is the only option available to use temporary Instagram messages after the changes applied by the Facebook social platform.

European regulations also seriously question the continuity of messages that self-destruct on WhatsAppIt is to be expected that the service will have to adopt measures similar to those of Instagram to comply with the legislation. In short, it seems that temporary messages they have not come to stay.

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