How to make WhatsApp video calls and voice calls from the desktop (Windows or macOS)

WhatsApp Desktop already allows you to make video calls and voice calls. Whether you're using the messaging app on Windows 10 or macOS, the feature should be reaching all users for the next few hours and days.

At Genbeta we have been testing video calls from the desktop and we will tell you how to do them, how to configure your audio and video inputs for WhatsApp Desktop, and how is the user experience so far.

How to make a voice call from WhatsApp Desktop

Whatsapp Video Calls Desktop

New icons for calls from WhatsApp Desktop

If video calls and voice calls have already been activated in your version of WhatsApp Desktop then you should see two new icons at the top right of the chat window, right next to your contact's username.

Just click the phone icon to make a voice-only call. You can change this call to include video as well, if you click on the camera icon.

Voice call

How to make a video call from WhatsApp Desktop

Whatsapp video calls

To make a video call, just click on the camera-shaped button. Although it goes without saying that in our tests this option failed quite a bit, and If you are calling a user who has not updated WhatsApp and does not have the option available, they may not receive notifications of your call.

Another small disadvantage of WhatsApp video calls is that you can't configure your audio and video devices until you start the call. Only once you click on the call button and the external video or voice window appears, you can open the settings:


Audio and video device settings in WhatsApp Desktop

For change your camera, microphone or audio device, you have to click on the icon with three horizontal dots that appears in the call window. From there you will see a list with all the devices available to change in one click.

Besides this the only other option is to make the call window always show on top of other windows.