How to leave your name blank on WhatsApp so that nothing appears on your profile

In WhatsApp it is enough for someone to simply add your number to their agenda so that you appear in their contact list with your name and photo, and that you can also start a chat. An example of what can happen with this ease are cases such as the famous "number neighbor" that many found nice but others not so much.

Knowing that there are active scams that have stolen the number of at least 1 in 4 Spaniards, you may want to delete some of these data from your WhatsApp profile so that any stranger cannot see them even if they have your number. In this case, if you want to put your name blank in WhatsApp so that none appears, we explain how to do it.

How to replace your WhatsApp profile name with a blank space

Click On Profile Picture

This process is very simple, you just have to use a Unicode character that is basically a blank space and put that as your profile name. If you use WhatsApp from the desktop, either the web application or the app for Windows or macOS, all you have to do is click on your profile picture:

Once this is done, the information boxes of your profile will appear that you can edit. These are: photo, name in information. Next to the space of Your name a button appears in the form of a pencil on which you can click to edit your name.

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Edit WhatsApp Name

WhatsApp requires you to add at least one character to this space in order to validate it. You can't just erase everything and that's it, since the application will tell you that it cannot validate an empty name.

The solution is to paste this "⠀" Unicode character in blank (select with the mouse what is inside the quotes) and use it as the profile name.

Paste Unicode Character 2

You can also search for the Unicode character U + 2800 and copy it from a website like this one in which different Unicode characters are listed, and simply paste it in the space of Your name in WhatsApp.

From the mobile the process is exactly the sameYou just have to go to your profile settings by clicking on your photo and you can edit the name. If you do this for privacy, it would not hurt to take advantage of and replace your photo with one that does not serve to identify you.

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