How to know what processor my PC has

On many occasions you will have to know what processor does your computer have. Especially if you see that your PC is giving you performance problems, knowing the chip that it integrates is very useful to find a solution. And to give an easy answer to this question, there are different, simple ways to access this information.

Today we are going to review three of them, the simplest and most direct in Windows 10, although they do not vary much from previous versions of the system.

Through Settings


Access the Windows 10 start menu (it can be on the screen or on the keyboard icon) and click on the Settings wheel. When accessing, the first option that you will have available will be to access "systems".

On the right there are different options and you must choose the last one, called "About". Upon entering, it gives you device specifications, including your processor information, just after the brand name of your PC.

Through Team

This team

You need to find the "This Team" icon. It is usually on the desktop. If you have removed it in your clean desktop or hidden inside another folder, you can access the file explorer of your computer.

Click on the icon for this team with the right button of your mouse and select the properties option. These properties will open where you will have the information of your processor, among other matters.

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From Task Manager

Task Manager

Right-click on the bottom bar of your screen on a Windows 10 computer and many options or tabs will appear.

You must choose the third one from the bottom which is "Task Manager". In this tab that opens, you will access very useful information for you as a user, such as the performance of your PC or the history of applications. If you want to know what your processor is, then you must click on "performance" (look at the tabs at the top of this window). There in the upper right you can see what your processor is.

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