How to get suggestions and auto-correct text in Windows 10 even if you don't use a touch keyboard

Windows 10 has a lot of cool features that are often overlooked and that can be really useful. While we are all very used to things like text prediction and auto-correction On the keyboards we use on our mobile phones, on our computers the story is different.

These types of functions are little used because they are little known or because it may seem that they do not have the same utility when we write with a physical keyboard, after all, they are more comfortable than a touch keyboard where we need help to write faster and faster. However, the text suggestions in Windows 10 work very, very well and not only for the on-screen keyboard or touch keyboards, but for our physical keyboard.

How to enable text suggestions for the hardware keyboard

By default, text suggestions are only active on touch keyboards, however, it is possible to enable them for the physical or hardware keyboard as well. They are not available in all languages, but they are in Spanish. In fact, the suggestions work in multiple supported languages ​​at once.

Enable Suggestions While I Type Windows 10

To activate the suggestions you just have to open the Setting Windows 10 (Windows key + I), select Devices and navigate to the section Writing. There you should look for the part about Hardware keyboard and change the option to Enabled Show suggestions as I type.

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Under this option you have others that may interest you. The first is auto-correction, you can activate it if you want Automatically correct misspelled words what have you written. Finally you have the option to activate multilingual text suggestions, this serves to show text suggestions according to all the languages ​​that Windows recognizes in which you are writing.

Windows 10 text suggestions even suggest emojis

These functions are activated immediately and you can use them anywhere in the operating system or applications you use, with some exceptions that will depend on the software you use. For example, they work within any browser or text editor, even in messaging apps like WhatsApp or Slack, but in apps like Telegram the text suggestions do not appear for some reason.

Taking advantage of the suggestions to write faster is very simpleIf you start typing a word and Windows 10 offers you a suggestion, you can use the keyboard arrow to choose the suggested word that suits you best and then just press Enter or the space bar. It's a simple thing, but it can do wonders for your productivity.

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