How to fix the problem 'MSA still does not work' on Xiaomi phones

The owners of a Xiaomi mobile have been suffering a serious problem with their phones for a few days: MSA application gives multiple errors refusing to work. Is it your case? Well, we show you all the solutions that you can carry out.

Android has had problems for several days due to a bad update of one of the system components, WebView. This app causes crash in other applications, phone hangs and instability, as happens in Xiaomi mobiles: owners of a brand phone suffer the closure of MSA, the software in charge of displaying ads in MIUI (recommendations in folders, in the application analyzer ...). Do you also suffer from this error? Let's see how to fix it.

Behind the MSA error is WebView

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The wave of problems that Android is currently suffering hits all brands and system versions. The culprit is WebView, a Google Chrome module that is responsible for facilitating the loading of web pages in applications that are not a browser. Since most apps allow you to open web links without leaving them (Gmail, Twitter, Outlook ...), if WebView cannot run correctly neither will the apps. This also applies to MSA.

Android WebView disabled: why this happens and how to fix apps that close themselves in this case

As we said, The MSA application is in charge of displaying advertising on Xiaomi mobiles. It is system software, so it cannot be uninstalled. And it closes constantly, insisting on not working, it is a warning that is appearing in most of the Xiaomi.

The solution to MSA problems is to fix Android System WebView. Let's see how:

  • Open Google Play, go here (or search WebView) and check that you have the latest version.

  • Update Google Chrome in case you have it pending.

  • Restart your Xiaomi.

Google released an urgent update for WebView and Google Chrome: if you didn't have them updated MSA should stop closing after installing the new versions on your Xiaomi. In the event that the error of 'MSA still does not work' keeps jumping, keep trying.

  • Access your Xiaomi settings and go to 'Applications'.

  • Select 'Show all apps'.

Msa Xiaomi

  • Locate 'Android System WebView' and enter its settings.

  • Force WebView to stop, then uninstall app updates. WebView will revert to the version the phone started with.

  • Restart your Xiaomi.

Msa Xiaomi 3

Once the MSA error restarts it should not jump back to your Xiaomi. You can update WebView directly from Google Play, the version you download should not present problems.

What to do if Android System WebView is disabled

Msa Xiaomi

In general, Xiaomi mobiles use Android System WebView as a navigation module within the applications, but It may be the case that Google Chrome is the one in charge of that work (WebView is a reduced Chrome); so WebView will appear as disabled. In this case the solution to the problem of 'MSA still not working' requires additional steps.

  • Go to the settings of your Xiaomi, enter Google Chrome and disable the application.

  • Find 'Android System WebView in the list of all your applications' and enter its settings.

  • Enable WebView, go to Google Play and make sure it is up to date.

  • Once WebView is updated, restart your Xiaomi and enable Google Chrome again.

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