How to find other users near you

Do you want to make new friends? You can use Telegram for this with its People Nearby feature. We explain what it is specifically for and how to use it.

Meetic, meetme or Meetup are some of the most popular platforms to meet new people, but did you know that Telegram can also fulfill the same function? That's right, the messaging service has a specific tool for you to meet other users who live near you.

Your name, People nearby, quite clearly reflects the purpose of this function: making new friends that are close to your location. The Telegram community is growing, so this tool can serve as a link with many users.

If you have not yet encouraged to use People Nearby, in this guide we explain what exactly is it for, how to use it to meet people who live near you and how to make yourself visible for other users.

People near Telegram

With the People near Telegram feature you can make new friends.

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What is the People near Telegram feature and what is it for?

People Nearby is an optional feature of Telegram that offers the possibility of contacting users who are close to your location. This tool, which converts Telegram in a kind of social network, it shows you a list with those people who are also registered in People Nearby and who they are just a few meters from you.

Obviously, to use this feature you must first allow Telegram access to your location. Once this step is completed, you will see a list with all the users near your location that are inside People nearby and the exact meters that separate you from each of them.

If you want to contact any of these users, you just have to click on their name and you will enter the chat screen directly. Before doing so, you should know that Telegram protects your privacy when using this tool, since your phone number will always remain hidden.

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With People Near Telegram you can meet users close to your location.

In People Nearby you can not only start individual conversations, you can also join local groups created around you. Of course, you also have the possibility to create a local group in your area.

Another purpose of People Nearby is quickly exchange contacts with someone who you just met. In this way, you only have to enter this section and click respectively on your names to share a conversation without having to exchange phone numbers.

In short, People Nearby is a very interesting -and also unknown- function of Telegram that helps you meet new people who are close to your location. Let's keep discovering more information about the use of this tool.

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See people and groups near you

As we have been saying, People Nearby is used to see people and groups that are close to you. Of course, to access this information you must also be present in the section, which means that other users can see you too. Once you leave Nearby people, you will disappear from the list again.

We are talking about a function that it is very easy to use, as you will see below. We explain how to see people and groups near you on Telegram step by step:

  1. Enter the Telegram app and slide the left side menu.
  2. Click on the section "People nearby".
  3. Tap on the button "Allow access" so that Telegram can access terminal location. This step is essential to be able to use this tool.
  4. Ready, you are already inside People nearby. You can see users who also want to meet new people under the "People nearby" section. By default, the app only shows you 5 contacts, although you can see the complete list if you click on "Show more". Also, if you swipe down, you will also see local groups created in your environment.

How to make yourself visible to others or stop being so

As long as you are in the Nearby people section, other users who are also using it and who are close to your location will be able to contact you. Nevertheless, once you leave the section that visibility will disappear, as explained by Telegram on its website.

You always have the option of make you permanent visible in People Nearby so that other close users can always contact you, whether you are in the section or not. To make you visible and stop being so when you consider it, follow this procedure:

  1. Enter the Telegram app and swipe the left side menu.
  2. Click on the section "People nearby".
  3. Tap on "Make myself visible", just below the People Nearby label.
  4. Confirms that you want to show your profile so that other users can see it and send you messages.
  5. When you no longer want to be visible to others, click on "Stop showing me".

You have little else to know about this very particular Telegram function, one of the many that differentiates it from WhatsApp. You just have to encourage yourself to enter Nearby people and start conversations with users close to your location. Who knows, maybe the messaging platform could be the one responsible for meeting your future best friends for the first time.

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