How to download and use Instagram Lite even if it is not in your country

Instagram Lite has been completely revamped ... but it is not yet available in all countries. So you can install it on your mobile no matter where you live.

Instagram itself had already warned us of its intention to completely renew the Instagram Lite app, to make it even more accessible to a wider audience by eliminating certain functions of the app, and offering it in more countries. Now, the new Instagram Lite is already available in 170 countries, with a weight of 3 MB and some of the features that we can find in the full version.

But, unfortunately, some countries have been left without the new version. If this is your case, today we explain how to download and Instagram the latest version of Instagram Lite on your mobile, wherever you are.

Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite, the cropped version of Instagram.

Use Instagram Lite in any country in the world by downloading its APK

Since Facebook decided to re-launch the application in more than 170 countries, some users have wanted to share with the rest of the world the possibility of enjoy this lighter version of the application.

To do this, they have decided extract the original APK file of the application, and upload it to repositories and alternative stores to Google Play. In this way, install Instagram Lite it's as simple as following these simple steps:

  1. Download the APK file of Instagram Lite from APKMirror, and save it in the memory of your mobile.
  2. Using a file explorer for Android, go to the downloads folder.
  3. Install the APK file of Instagram Lite by tapping on it.
Instagram Lite will allow you to use the popular social network on terminals with little storage space

Instagram Lite will allow you to use the popular social network on terminals with little storage space.

That's all. When you have finished, the application will be installed on your device and you can use it to replace the original version, thus saving space and resources, and ridding you of many of the unnecessary functions of the social network.

Keep Instagram Lite updated to the latest version

Download Instagram free for mobiles, tablets and PC

Since Instagram Lite cannot be downloaded via Google Play in some countries, it will not be possible either. download your updates when they are released.

Fortunately, given that this version of the app stores a good part of its resources in the cloud to reduce its size once installed on our devices, it is likely that the app doesn't need to be updated as often.

In any case, when an update is available and you want to install the latest version on your mobile, all you need to do is check for new versions in APKMirror. If the number of the app available in APKMirror - currently, it corresponds to - is higher than the app installed on your mobile, you can download the new version to enjoy the latest news.

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