How to change the wallpaper in Android Auto

One of the latest and most anticipated developments in Android Auto is power change wallpaper instead of having a bland dark background with small color highlights depending on the current app, as shown before.

Now, you can choose between fourteen different backgrounds for Android Auto, as well as putting the background in black, if you don't like any (you cannot use your own funds at the moment). We will tell you how it is done exactly step by step.

Change the background of Android Auto

Being able to change the Android Auto wallpaper was one of the great novelties of version 6.0, although it took a few more weeks to reach users. This means that you can finally give the Android Auto interface a personal touch, using the wallpaper you like the most.

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The good news is that Google has prepared 14 varied wallpapers And they look great, and the bad news is that at the moment you can't use your own images. The funds included are given the names of mountains, fibers, enlargement, graffiti, seam, folds, twilight, waves, ether, forest, wind, path, rotor, grid and black.

Backgrounds Some of the funds available

Changing the background is very simple and you can do it from the screen in the car, without having to touch the mobile at all. First, on the Android Auto main screen, tap on the Settings.


The Android Auto settings on the car screen only have a handful of sections, of which the one that interests us is in the section general. Click there on Select wallpaper.

To select

The only thing left is to choose what background do you want to use from the list. Every time you touch one of them, you can see how it looks directly on this same screen, without having to do anything else. There is no button to accept changes: whatever you choose, the chosen one stays.


As we have seen, the mode of change Android Auto wallpaper It is very simple and it will only take a couple of taps on the car screen (when the vehicle is not in circulation, of course). This is the summary of the complete process:

  • Tap on Settings, on the main screen

  • Press Select wallpaper

  • Choose one of the available funds

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