How to change the size and position of the taskbar in Windows 10

The Windows 10 taskbar It is loaded with important elements, it is basically as or even more useful than the rest of the desktop to show us information and offer us the tools we need by hand, be it our favorite apps or the status of our WiFi, the time or the battery charge , for example.

Although most users use it as it comes and perhaps they are encouraged to anchor their favorite apps to it in the purest style of a dock, there are many more options that allow us customize the taskbar to your liking, either by changing not only what it shows, but its size, position and even how it shows the buttons.

How to change the position of the Windows 10 taskbar

Side Taskbar Desk

In Windows 10, as in previous versions of Windows, it is possible to move the taskbar so that instead of always being at the bottom, we can see it either to either side or at the top.

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In other versions of Windows you could do it just by dragging the bar, now you have to go to Settings, but it is very simple. Right click on any empty place in it and choose the option Taskbar Settings:

Windows 10 Taskbar Settings

This will take you to a menu with many customization options for the bar, you just have to navigate to the section that says On-screen taskbar location and choose between "Down, Up, Left, or Right".


How to resize the taskbar in Windows 10

Once you have chosen the position you can also change its size. There is a difference in the process whether you want it smaller or larger. If you want the bar to look smaller, you just have to check the option Use small taskbar buttons and you will see something like this:

Use Small Buttons

Taskbar with small buttons

Now, if what you want your bar to look biggerJust right click on it and make sure that the option "Lock the taskbar" is not active.

Once done, you can move the mouse pointer to the edge of the bar and use it to grab and drag the bar to make it bigger. The only problem with this is that no matter how much you drag the bar, the other elements do not scale with it, so you can have a very "fat" bar but the icons will remain the same size:

Enlarge Task Bar

This makes more sense if you decide to use the option Never combine taskbar buttons, so that instead of seeing only the icons of your programs, you see more information in the style of Windows XP, and if you want more space to see more large labels, you can drag the bar and enlarge it.

Small Buttons Taskbar Combine Buttons

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