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How to change the appearance of the subtitles in Kodi 19 to make them more pleasant to look at and that they do not produce burns in OLED

Kodi 19 Matrix has recently arrived with new functions that we are testing little by little, and one of the ones that we liked the most and attracted the attention of the list is the possibility of configure the subtitles in depth to our liking.

Previously in Kodi already had the possibility to modify aspects of the subtitles such as the font or the sizeBut with Kodi 19 you can finally fix some of the most annoying problems. Nowadays, a white subtitle at maximum brightness can be extremely visually annoying, and very negative if the screen where we see the video is OLED, since the panel will tend much more to permanent burns in the area where the text appears.

This, which has always been a problem, is compounded by the fact that HDR videos, by their nature, should always be able to reach 100% screen brightness, and unfortunately, subtitles are displayed by default at that level. This is why, if we watch HDR videos on Kodi, the problem for eyesight and burned is even greater.

How to configure the subtitles so that they are less annoying and leave them to our liking

Kodi 19 Matrix

When we have Kodi 19 Matrix installed and open the application on any platform, we must go to the Settings / System wheel that we will find at the top of the interface. Once inside, we will have to go to Settings -> Player -> Language.

When we get there, we will see the trimmed subtitle settings options. To see them enlarged, we will have to select "Advanced" mode, which we can do in the lower left part of the screen.

Subs Kodi 19

This is how the subtitles were before modifying their opacity and color.

From here, it is already a matter of taste, but it is good to take into account certain principles. For example, influencing the opacity we will reduce a lot of lighting to the subtitles, like setting them to gray instead of white. In my case, I have seen dark images with the color in gray and the opacity at 30% and the readability has been good.

So are the subtitles

So are the subtitles with our settings in Kodi 19 Matrix.

In clearer scenes, readability is worse, but still acceptable. We must start from the fact that we will never read as well as with white subtitles at 100% brightness, but as the developers say in the Kodi 19 Matrix launch article, we must protect our eyes, we will miss them when they are missing.