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Finally WhatsApp Desktop calls and video calls are out of 'beta' ... You can now call with WhatsApp from your PC and it's that simple!

After introducing us to the calls and video calls for WhatsApp Web, the truth is that we are all waiting for the arrival of this long-awaited functionality to the WhatsApp desktop app, which has made us wait a few months but finally announces his departure from beta officially.

And it is that yes friends, in recent times we have seen how some users could enjoy calls and video calls on WhatsApp Desktop as a closed test, although the WhatsApp applications already for both macOS and Windows they receive the option of calling our contacts directly from the PC.

Video calls on WhatsApp Web

Video calls for the WhatsApp desktop app are finally out of the 'beta' and are for everyone.

Those responsible for the most popular courier service on the planet say that in the last year they had noticed a significant increase in the number of calls on WhatsApp, as well as its duration. Even last New Year's Eve there was a new record, with more than 1,400 million calls made directly from mobile apps.

So, with the pandemic still with us, Facebook developers have gone to work to speed up the expansion of video calls to PC versions, aware that a larger screen makes work and communication easier. His arrival then to Desktop Cycle after video calls on Web.

WhatsApp calls reach their web version: call from your PC

The new functionality is available in both vertical and horizontal orientations, and opens a separate window that will always be visible on our desktop in the foreground. Obviously, we can resize and move this window to our liking.

An important detail is that, fortunately, calls are totally private and secure with end-to-end encryption, although the bad part is that they work only individually for now, reserving group calls for later.

The new functionality is already available, but it will require updating to the latest version of the WhatsApp app, in addition to having macOS 10.13 or Windows 10 64-bit (version 1903) As minimum. Also important, logically, is that you will need an Internet connection and a PC with camera, microphone and speakers configured and working.

Calls and video calls come to WhatsApp Desktop

This is how calls and video calls are displayed in WhatsApp Desktop for macOS and Windows.

How to make calls with WhatsApp Desktop

The process of calling through the WhatsApp application is not very complicated, as you will expect, and that is it will be enough to do click over the button with a phone or camera respectively if we want to call or video call, always from the chat window of the chosen contact.

The experience is satisfactory and calls are seen and heard without any problem, at least in our tests, although indeed we have warned connection problems when clicking on the call button.

Once the conversation is open, everything improves, and there you can access the video call settings menu from the usual button with the three dots, with access to all detected cameras, microphones or speakers to exchange peripherals. You can also activate or deactivate the option to always show conversations on top of other apps.

As you will see, it is not that the options are overwhelming and the learning curve is not excessively steep, but rather that functionality is limited to the basics to start growing from here... Let's see if the group calls are coming soon now!

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