how it can affect the procedures related to unemployment or ERTE

Last Tuesday morning the State Public Employment Service suffered a cyberattack executed by using the ransomware known as Ryuk, which rendered its information and communication systems useless.

From the outset, according to the agency, the main objective was to "contain" the attack and "mitigate its impact on the systems."

However, it is Thursday and the SEPE computer service is still not working, despite the fact that its technicians are receiving help from experts from the National Cryptological Center and the General Secretariat of Digital Administration.

His plan goes through restore the agency's priority services as soon as possible, such as the portal, and then gradually recover the rest of the services to citizens and companies.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor tried yesterday to clear up some fears that were surrounding the attack:

"We want to leave out of all doubt that there has been no data theft and that the SEPE's operating and management systems, as well as the servers, have not been damaged by the cyberattack. Therefore, the management of payroll benefits and ERTE are not affected by the incident. "

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But the question that arises is ...what other usual SEPE procedures have also been affected, and how does this affect SEPE users?

Renewal of the job demand

According to the SEPE, it will not be necessary to renew the job application as long as the current situation persists:

"It will be renewed automatically or it can be renewed once the service has been established without loss of rights."

The attack has come at a difficult time when appointments were granted for three months, and when its employees were suffering a workload of 300%

Request for benefits

Given the current situation, the deadlines for applying for benefits are extended in as many days as the applications are out of service.

"In no case will this situation affect the rights of applicants for benefits."


If you had planned to go to the employment service offices because you had already requested an appointment through the Internet, don't worry: the offices are still open and you can go on the day and time that they provided you.

Of course, the request for a new appointment must wait for the SEPE computer systems to be reestablished.

Communication of hiring

Contrat @ is an application that allows companies to easily communicate the contracts they make to the SEPE. This application has been another of the victims of the cyber attack:

"Communication of contracting by telematic means is interrupted. It can be done as soon as the service is resumed, without running the deadlines during its interruption."

Other steps

The deadlines for applications in the SEPE will be extended "as many days as it takes to restore the service". According to the agency, applicants for unemployment benefits and subsidies "will not be affected by the computer attack and their rights will be guaranteed."

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