Google wants you to travel and adds more booking options to hotel search

Google introduces free booking links for hotels in its travel section.

Google has a large number of applications that are very useful in our day to day such as Google Maps or Google Photos but this entire ecosystem is based on its search engine that now upgrade your travel section so that we have more booking options when looking for a hotel for our desired vacations.

Google does its bit to help the tourism sector

Google does its bit to help the tourism sector

Google is ahead of summer and adds more options to its search platform for those who want to travel

As confirmed by the American company itself through the official blog of Google Spain, starting this week, hotels and travel agencies around the world will be able to appear for free on booking links in the travel section of the Google search engine.

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This clearly benefits users, given that, by being able to access a wider range of hotels and prices, they will have access to more alternatives to choose from when they organize their trips and want to make a reservation.

In addition, this change supposes a new free way to attract customers for all hotels and travel agencies and for advertisers, these free booking links can improve the reach of current Hotel Ads advertising campaigns.

One point in favor of this Google initiative is that establishments already subscribed to Hotel Prices API and Hotel Ads you do not need to do anything to appear on these free booking links and any hotel or agency can participate through their Hotel Center account.

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To further help one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, Google will continue to improve, over the next few months, the process of incorporating new establishments to Hotel Center and will launch tools that will allow each hotel to directly publish their rates and availability, without complex technical requirements.

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