Google to charge app developers less from summer

If you make a living developing apps and games for Android, this will most likely interest you.

In case you are part of the vast majority of Android app and game developers whose creations published on Google Play generate income less than $ 1 million, today you are in luck.

Google has announced through its blog for developers that, since this summer, the commission that the company keeps from each payment made through Google Play you will see halved, going from 30 to 15%.

Google Play Store

Google Play, the Android app store.

99% of app developers will earn more money starting in July

The change in question will take effect from July 1. Since then, Google calculates that 99% of developers who sell their digital services through the Google Play Store will see an increase in their billing, by reducing the commission obtained by the search engine company.

The reduction to 15% will be applied to developers until the moment they generate 1 million dollars year. This implies that some developers whose apps have generated revenues of more than a million could also benefit from this measure. This is how the company itself explains it:

While these investments are most critical when developers are in the early stages of growth, an application's scaling doesn't stop once a partner reaches 1 million in revenue; We have heard from our partners that they earn 2 million, 5 million and even 10 million. That is why we are making this reduced fee on the first million of total revenue earned each year available to all Play developers, regardless of size. We believe this is a fair approach that aligns with Google's broader mission of helping all developers succeed. We hope to share all the details in the coming months.

Google is not the first to apply such a measure in the Google Play Store. Not long ago, Apple also announced a reduction in the commission obtained by sales made by App Store developers, to 15% as long as the revenue did not exceed one million dollars.

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