Google Play Books makes reading easier for children with these new tools

Google has taken advantage of Reading Day in the United States 2021 to launch in Play books an update aimed at the smallest of the house. It is a series of tools to make reading easier for children.

From today Google Play Books It will no longer be exclusively a book reader for readers who already know how to read accurately and quickly, now the application adapt its interface and tools when opening a children's book following in the footsteps of Google Kids Space.

This is the new Google Play Books for children's books

Play Books Kids

With Google Play Books, children now have a powerful tool to learn to read thanks to the following news:

  • Read and listen: You will be able to listen to a book aloud. Google Play is adding stories with narration. In addition, it offers the option of turning the pages automatically or manually.

  • Tap to read: You will be able to hear a word aloud by tapping any word on the book page to review its pronunciation.

  • Dictionary for children: You can also read or listen to thousands of definitions for children. Many definitions will be accompanied by illustrations to support understanding and learning.

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Play Books Kids

These new tools are already available in the latest version of Google Play Books. Of course, it seems that at the moment there are only children's books from 0 to 8 years in English make use of these new features.

If you want to try these news, you can download any of the free books from google play that are already compatible with these tools. Google recommends these three stories from Sesame Street:

  • "We're Amazing, 1-2-3 !:" This Sesame Street story stars Elmo, Abby, and their friend Julia, who has autism. Together, the three pals have a delightful playdate.

  • "Ara the Star Engineer:" This is a STEM book on a mission! An inspiring, inclusive, whimsical way to learn about computers and technology from real-life trailblazers, written by a Googler.

  • "Family Forever:" This Sesame Street picture book features Julia and her family and friends as they spend a day in the park.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books

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