Google Maps will allow you to publish on the sites' files

Every year that passes Google Maps becomes more social. Its user community, which has just surpassed the 150 million Local Guides, is one of its main pillars to maintain the information of the more than 200 million places.

To your great community of contributors, Google Maps launches three new functions with the aim of helping other users to have better maps, updated information on premises and find recommendations.

Publications on Google Maps

Google maps

We start with the most important novelty and that will arrive in a few weeks. Google maps will allow us share our latest experiences and recommendations through the new posts with photo.

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So far, Google Maps only lets us add comments in the reviews, but soon the tab of What's new? of the sites will allow us share our own posts without leaving a review.

You can publish as if it were the wall of a social network to help other clients. This way you can inform if the restaurant has a terrace, if there are new dishes on the menu, what your recommendations are, or if the parking lot is crowded on weekends. Of course, the publication will always be accompanied by photographs.

Edit the maps from the desktop

In the coming months the desktop version of Google Maps will allow us to draw new or missing roads. It is a new map editing tool that will reach the more than 80 countries in which they can already report updates on the road, as in Spain.

This editing tool will allow us add roads by drawing lines, change the name of the roads, the direction of the road, remove roads, or report if a road is closed with details such as dates, reasons, and directions. Google Maps will review the suggestions and edits to verify that these changes are accurate before publishing them.

America's First Community Challenge

Finally, and only in the United States, during the next few weeks its first community challenge will start, which will encourage Local Guides to publish reviews, photos and updates to update the files of the country's sites.

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