Google Maps begins to show the level crossings on your routes

Google maps It is one of the most pampered applications by Google. The company has us used to receiving news almost every month. Now after activating the dark theme and the price of the gas stations it begins to activate another important novelty that is inheriting from Waze.

Since last August, Waze shows on their maps the level crossings to warn you that there is a level crossing between a railroad track and a highway or road, a feature that Google is leading to your map app.

Level crossings in Google Maps

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As reported by various users on Reddit, Google maps has started to show the level crossings in their maps, but not all users get this new notice, so this feature seems to be in the testing phase.

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As with speed camera warnings and some incidents, the application is only showing the existence of a level crossing when we have calculated a route. A new level crossing icon shows us when a level crossing begins and ends.

In this way, the driver can decide whether to choose another alternative route that avoids crossing a level crossing in case you want to go to your destination by another safer route that avoids crossing train tracks.

It is unknown when Google Maps will release the new level crossing warnings for everyone. For now we will have to wait and be aware. At Waze, level crossings are available in several countries, including Spain.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Maps - Navigation and public transport

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