Google launches Stack, an application to scan and organize smart documents

The project incubator Google called Area 120 has a new and powerful experiment for our Android devices, a new application from the creator Socratic that we already want to arrive as a final product.

Is about Stack, an application that allows us to effortlessly scan and organize documents so that we never lose a receipt, invoice or document again. All with the power of Google's artificial intelligence.

This is Stack

Stack was born to provide a solution to that problem that we are encountering over time, where with each purchase or transaction we accumulate tickets and invoices that later we may need in the future.

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The creator of Socratic, Christopher Pedregal, after selling his application to Google, joined the incubator Area 120 by Google with his friend Mathew Cowan to experiment and create Stack.

The application Stack it is very easy to use. Its main screen has different categories to organize our documents together with a search engine. In the "All documents" tab we will see that, all the scanned documents.


By clicking on the '+' icon we activate its tool to scan, which will recognize the document to cut it and save it. The application will analyze the text to classify the type of document thanks to the powerful artificial intelligence of the Google Cloud DocAI team, which has already helped analyze billions of documents. It will automatically name it and suggest the correct category or stack.

Stack is able to identify the most important information of each document such as "expiration date" or "total amount owed". Its search engine also allows you to search in the text thanks to the text recognition.

Stack 2

Lastly, Stack also allows you to automatically save a copy of your scanned documents to Google Drive. So if for any reason we stop using the application we will have a copy of all the documents.

The bad news is that Google's Area 120 has only launched Stack in the United States, so it is only in English and only residents of that country will be able to officially download the application through the Play Store. In the rest of the world you will have to download its APK.

Stack's future is a mystery. Most of Google's experiments end up being absorbed by existing products, so Google Drive may end up adding these features in the future.

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