Google Home 2.34 adds Nest Wifi usage data statistics and compatibility with the new Nest Hub

On the occasion of the launch of the new second generation Google Nest Hub, the company updates the application Google Home to add compatibility with your new device and to improve integration with another of your home products: Nest Wifi.

Nest Wifi is Google's solution to improve the quality of our Wi-Fi network and configure a mesh network with its repeaters. Now through the Google Home application we will have access to new data usage statistics that until now were only available through the Google Wifi application.

Using Nest Wifi data on Google Home

Google Home Nest Wifi

Now if you have a Nest Wifi at home, after updating the application Google Home to version 2.43, you will see how after clicking on the shortcut Wifi that you will now see in the new section speed and network usage new statistics that will allow you to have more information about your connection.

Google Nest WiFi: How to set up your mesh network with Google devices

Google Home will show data usage in real time, both downstream and uploaded. of your Wi-Fi network, showing in another graph the use of 1, 7 and 30 days. In addition, the registration of speed test goes from six to fifteen tickets.

New Google Nest Hub 2021

To squeeze out all the news from the new Google Nest Hub second generation, the Google Home app adds support for the sleep monitoring that debuts the new generation of Google's smart screen.

The sensors of the new Nest Hub, in addition to allowing you to use your screen without touching it, will be able to monitor our breathing, snoring, coughing or the light and temperature of the room so that we can improve our sleep quality.

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