Google, Gmail, Pinterest, Outlook, TikTok and PayPal affected

"MSA does not work." What does it mean and how to fix the bug that causes Android apps to close.

Android has risen with problems, one of the most used components of the operating system is failing: Android WebView. This is the component that applications use to display a web page within it.

That is why a failure of this level affects a multitude of Android apps not working. In this case, widely used applications such as Google's own, Gmail, Pinterest, Outlook, PayPal, Vinted, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, TikTok and Wattpad are failing. Some users are wondering on Twitter if the apps are down.

Why don't the apps work?

The problems began to be reported by users of Android devices around the world, with models from Xiaomi, Google, Motorola or OnePlus. However, Samsung mobile owners seem to be the most affected.

The error manifests itself in the same way in all cases: applications are closed as soon as you open them, and stop working completely. In some cases, the problem "MSA has stopped working" appears repeatedly, without giving the option to open the affected applications.

Google itself claimed to be aware of the problem, and the Google Workspace status page reflects the incident, still in investigation phase.

How to fix the problem

The solution to the Android WebView problem is simple. Goes through find the Android System WebView application in the Applications menu (within the Settings application) and uninstall installed updates.

Uninstall Android System WebView updates

However, several hours after the problem originated, a Google spokesperson claimed that the problem had been solved. To fix the error, just install the latest available updates for Android WebView and Google Chrome through the Google Play Store.

User Reactions

The users affected by the issues They haven't been long in trying to find other people suffering the same errors in their favorite Android apps.

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