Google Fonts now offers free open source icons and starts with Material Design

Google Fonts has including Material Design icons to your offer. And also has announced its intention, "in the future" of add general open source icons available to its users. What has not been specified is when the new Open Source designs will arrive beyond the new incorporation.

The "Material Icons" are open source and are available under the Apache 2.0 license. Now users of Google Fonts specializing in design can access more resources for their creations.

A great resource for graphic designers

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For graphic designers, Google Fonts offers a free catalog with hundreds of fonts available for web page development and other resources. The objective is being able to access different fonts when creating new designs. It was launched in 2010 by Google as a kind of online database with open source text sources, with the idea of ​​being able to use them in millions of web pages around the world, and also to make them available for applications like Google Docs.

The common thing for brands is to choose a font and always use it so that visually, the user or client can recognize it by style. What's more of these fonts, there are also the icons which now increase with the agreement with Material Design.

Five tools that will help you choose the perfect fonts for your projects

The available fonts can be downloaded on your computer if you want and, to choose the best one, there is a tool called Better Font Finder by designer Mattthew.

A change in the logo

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To celebrate the incorporation of the Material Design icons, the company has shown its new logo. About the new design, as explained by Tobias Kunisch and SeHee Lee, both designers of this project, they have explained that at first glance, the new logo can be seen as abstract shapes made up of circles and rectangles, "but if you look closer, you can see various glyphs and icon shapes mixed together."

They say the goal of this new visual brand is to provide "greater design flexibility."