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Google Enhances ARCore Augmented Reality With Dual Camera Support

More than three years ago, Google demonstrated with ARCore that no additional hardware was required to enjoy the augmented reality. With the main camera of our device it was enough to track the environment and place 3D animals and other elements.

In all these years ARCore has reached more than 450 mobiles, and in all these devices making use of a single camera to perform the calculations, but this will soon change. Google is going to start using the dual camera to improve the augmented reality experience, at least on the Pixel 4.

ARCore with dual camera


The recent update of Google Play Services for RA informs that among its news that comes the "Stereo Depth for Dual Camera on Compatible Devices". And if we go to the ARCore compatibility page we see in the Pixel 4 Y Pixel 4 XL that "dual camera support will be rolled out in the next few weeks."

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The penultimate generation of Pixels would be the first devices to release that new depth in stereo, a feature that should be improve the quality of augmented reality by being able to more accurately calculate the depth of the environment, especially to detect the physical elements that stand in front of the virtual 3D objects.

Google has not yet officially announced this novelty, it has only been mentioned in the Google Play file and on the support page, so the only thing we know is that in a few weeks this improvement would reach the Pixel 4. It is unknown If it will also reach the Pixel 4a XL and Pixel 5 or devices with dual cameras from other manufacturers.

Via | Android Police