Gmail's dark mode has major flaws: three extensions to fix them

Although almost all Google software has been integrating the so-called dark mode, Gmail hasn't fully embraced this feature. Yes you can choose it in the configuration of your email service, but then you will see that when accessing emails or the settings menu, for example, a large part of the screen turns white. However, there are extensions that improve these errors of Gmail used in dark mode.

In the following lines you will learn how to install the dark mode that comes in Gmail, and also to know which extensions are the most recommended and how to integrate them.

How to adopt "dark mode" in Gmail

Gmail 2

Let's first learn how to adopt the basic dark (and half dark) mode that comes with Google's mail server. Although it is incomplete and can and should improve, there is a way. In your Google inbox you must click on the configuration wheel (at the top of the screen on the right) and there, going down, you will see the option "Theme" and you must click on the blue letters that say "See all".

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If you look below the themes that appear to you first, the flat colors will appear and there you have the "dark". Now, that dark will appear as such in the inbox, but then, when you open an email or when you access different options within the mail server, such as the configuration, the screen turns white, with the extra energy expenditure for the equipment that this implies (or the clarity that suddenly illuminates you even if you are in dark places).

And that's where the available extensions come in.

Extensions to get a Gmail is dark mode

To put dark mode in Gmail, you have different extensions available. Here is a list:

  • Night eye, which enables night mode on any website using a new algorithm that analyzes and converts colors. "Rather than simply inverting, the Night Eye extension analyzes the colors and images on the pages and converts them." Total dark mode translates to "all small colors, images, and icons converted".

Gmail 3

In this case, as you can see in the screenshot, after installing the extension, when updating the page of the same email, this turns to a "very dark gray almost black". Of course, not only will Gmail have a dark mode, but also a large number of other websites. If you want to remove it, you just have to click, on the same page of the extension, on uninstall. In its free version, you can choose five websites that you want to see in dark mode. If you want more, you need to pay.

  • Dark mode for Chrome. When you access this option and click on install, the browser gives you various options. The first is the called Super dark Mode. If you click on it, it will take you to a new page and you will have to select the option to add that extension again. There this dark mode is enabled, which can even be difficult to read in some of your emails. Links come in sky blue or navy blue for contrast. In addition to Super dark, which as its name indicates is very dark, there are other options for dark mode, within the main Dark Mode extension for Chrome.

Gmail 4

  • Moon Reader. One of the most used, as seen in the opinions, is Luna Reader. The positive of this option compared to the previous extension is that allows adjusting some display parameters. Therefore, not only does it look flat in dark mode for any circumstance, but here you can customize aspects such as the brightness, contrast, or grayscale of the website. In addition, you can even create lists of websites to which the dark theme will be applied, selecting the ones you prefer that do not use it. If you want to adjust the dark tone you need, click on the Chrome extensions icon and click on this already installed Moon.

There you will see the option to put more or less contrast and what gray tone you prefer. Yes indeed, better not take too much shine because you will lose a lot of visibility. Don't put too much on it because some parts of your pages will be blank. It never becomes black at all, but the icons will also change to grayscale.


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