full integration with the Google Assistant to interact with the car remotely

Google's relationship with the motor world is nothing new, and the best proof of this is in Android Auto, whose wireless mode is increasingly widespread. In fact, one of the great novelties of its -expected- version 6.0 was to be able to take better advantage of the Google Assistant aboard the car.

Fiat wanted to go one step further and, in collaboration with Google, has launched a special edition of his Fiat 500 family. It is a version of the Fiat 500, Fiat 500L and Fiat 500X that, in addition to having various personalized details on the interior and exterior of the car, boasts full integration with the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant and the My Fiat app hand in hand

Fiat 500 Hey Google 03

With the new Fiat 500 Hey Google family, Google Assistant signs your signature for the first time in a car and does so in an iconic car that began life in 1957. This special edition under the brand "Hey Google" was created with the aim, according to Fiat, of changing the way we interact with our vehicle by making it simpler and more intuitive.

Google Assistant routines: what they are and how to configure them

Thanks to the integration between the Fiat Mopar Connect service and the Google Assistant in the My Fiat Action, users can connect to your car even when not on board. In this way, and through voice, the car owner can request and receive information about the car, as well as interact with it by performing a multitude of actions, such as:

  • Open or close the doors.

  • Open the trunk.

  • Turn on the hazard lights.

  • Enable or disable speed alerts.

  • Check the fuel level and tire pressure.

  • Check if there are any open doors.

  • Find out how far the car is or where it is parked.

  • Know where the nearest Fiat technical service is.

Fiat 500 Hey Google 04

In addition to the functions supported by the Google Assistant, there is the possibility to activate the reception of notifications on the phone if the car leaves a predefined area. All this, as we said, we can ask or ask the Assistant inside the car or outside it, through the mobile phone or using Google Nest Hub, the smart screen included in the welcome kit that the customer receives when purchasing one of the three available models: Fiat 500, Fiat 500 L and Fiat 500X.

These three models of the Fiat 500 Hey Google family also present an exterior and interior design with Google-inspired details. For example, the glossy black and white of the roof and mirror caps are designed in homage to the search engine's blank page.

Fiat 500 Hey Google 02

We also find the signature of 'Hey Google' on the wheel arches and elements with Google colors on both the seat upholstery and the rear pillars. And to remind us that this is a special edition, an animation of 'Hey Google' appears as a welcome on the 7-inch touch screen on the dashboard.

The new Fiat 500 Hey Google family will be available, as we have said, in three models -500, 500X and 500L- that will be marketed from April in ten European countries: Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Poland. In Italy, the price will start at 12,500 euros with financing, but in Spain it has not been revealed yet.

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