Firefox 87 is now available with yet another privacy boost and an unexpected temporary farewell to AVIF

Mozilla has just announced the launch of its Firefox 87.0 in which one of the main novelties is its privacy improvement: integrates by default its new HTTP Referrer policy which, according to Mozilla, "trims the path information and query string made by HTML headers to prevent websites from accidentally filtering sensitive user data."

firefox 87

The new Firefox 87 policy regarding HTTP referrers. / Mozilla

What it does is, by default, cut the information that is displayed in the addresses and that can contain from information about navigation to data of the user in question, including private data. Therefore, when a request to a portal goes from HTTPS to HTTP, Firefox 87 cuts the information by default avoiding the possible appearance of personal information when we talk about the web no referrer policy.

A privacy feature that joins new features released this year


Last January came the Firefox 85 version that incorporated, after having done it at the time Safari and more recently Google Chrome, the network partitioning. A feature that was developed in a privacy group from the World Wide Web Consortium cas a new standard to hinder the follow-up work carried out by third-party services without users practically noticing it.

The February version Firefox 86 also focused on privacy and its first notable feature was its "Total Cookie Protection for Firefox", a new privacy layer in addition to the already existing 'Enhaced Tracking Protection' (implemented two years ago and which, since January, also protects us from so-called 'supercookies'). The Total Cookie Protection function, which was implemented in both the PC and Android versions and is active if we configure the privacy controls in 'Strict' mode, is to isolate the cookies from each website to prevent them from being tracked from others.

Other new features of Firefox 87


In addition to its new privacy policy, Other new features of the Firefox 87.0 update are:

  • The "highlight all" function, which is what helps to search the page for the words you need, now it is accompanied by a verification tick that is placed next to the side scroll bar to show you the location of those words you are looking for.

How to block a website in Firefox

  • For avoid data loss when you are filling out a form The ability for the "backspace" key to serve as a navigation shortcut to return to the previous page has been disabled. Of course, if you want to reactivate this shortcut you can change it yourself.

  • Is now compatible with macOS built-in screen reader, VoiceOver.

  • They have removed items from Library menu that users do not use frequently or that are accessible at other points in the browser. These are the Synced tabs (or synced tabs), the Pocket list and the Recent Highlights.

  • The help menu is simpler. The elements that can be repetitive, such as those that point to Firefox support pages, have been reduced and they can also be accessed through the “Get help” element.

  • For developers, the web developer menu has been simplified. Now by going to the menu Application> Web developer> Tools for web developers you can access more options for developers.

  • As to fixes there are new bugs like the 1681007 which makes the video and audio controls are now navigable with the keyboard.

For AVIF we will have to wait


It should be remembered that Firefox 87 was originally intended to support AVIF image decoding. However, last month, for the latest beta versions, it already removed that change, and maintains this decision in the release of the official version. Due to the errors it was giving, AVIF image support was disabled, but it seems that they will try to have it all resolved for the Firefox 89 version.

If at the beginning of the year it seemed clear that the new version was going to support them, Firefox 86 arrived without this support and with Firefox 87 history repeats itself again. There are bugs and, before launching the compatibility, they prefer to wait to have everything tied up. Firefox 89, if nothing happens, It will be the version that finally closes the circle of large browsers compatible with this new format of image.

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