Find out if your 2020 Income Statement will be returned or paid with this Tax Agency simulator

The Tax agency is immersed in the preparations for the Income 2020 campaign which will start on April 7. And while that day arrives, taxpayers can consult their tax data online to ensure that the information that the treasury has is correct and simulate your return with the official simulator to know if it will be paid or returned.

This tool made available to all by the Treasury aims to allow the conducting simulations of possible income tax returns to find out what the result may be.

The Tax Agency simulator tells you if your 2020 income tax return pays or returns

As we said, carry out these tests It is the best way to know if we will have to pay something to the Tax Agency for personal income tax or if, on the contrary, it will be the public coffers that will return money to us for having contributed to them an amount greater than that which corresponds to us.

How to use the Renta WEB Open simulator

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Renta WEB Open is the name of the Tax Agency simulator and its use is quite simple. To access it we can enter the Income 2020 website and in the right column access to Rent WEB Open (Simulator).

Once we access, we will find a page that will briefly inform us about the purpose of the tool. We will click again on the link with the name of the simulator and finally we will access it.

The operation of the Renta WEB Open simulator is identical to that of the Rente Web return filing tool

When we have accessed the simulation, we can verify that its interface and operation is like that of the Renta Web tool. We will click on the button New statement and from there we can begin to fill in all the information, as if it were the official declaration, which will allow us to obtain the result: to pay or to enter.

Also, in the initial window, the Renta WEB Open simulator It will give us the option to load the data of an already saved declaration that must be in the SES file format.

The purpose of this tool of the Tax Agency is to give us the possibility of making a test statement and knowing the result; to present the actual return we will need to wait for the start date of the campaign and use Renta Web or the other available channels

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When browsing the pages, the controls are the same as for Renta Web, as we said above. After having provided the identification data, we will be shown a summary and, if everything is correct, we will click on the button Continue with the statement from the top right. Once in the declaration itself, we will navigate using the arrow buttons to move from page to page or through the different sections that we can access using the button Sections, also located at the top of the interface.

Finally, it should be noted that in the case of a simulator, we must be aware that the results produced They are for informational purposes and that this program, although it carries out the calculations of the income statement, will not allow us to present the same. To materialize the presentation of the income statement, we will be able to use Renta Web from next April 7 until June 30, 2021.

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