Facebook seeks to reduce harassment with the possibility of restricting comments on pages and profiles

Facebook is presenting this wednesday new tools for moderation and limitation of comments for both pages and profiles. The idea is that those responsible for pages or users can have the possibility to control who can comment on their organic and public publications in the news section in a simpler way.

Similar to the functionality that has been on Twitter for almost a year, users now they can select through a menu who can comment on each of their public posts.

Facebook makes it much easier to restrict who can comment on our posts

They can choose to make the publication public, so any user of the platform can comment, or restrict comments to profiles and pages you follow or profiles and pages you mention. The objective is, the company explains, to reduce harassment in both ordinary profiles and public figures, as well as on pages of brands or creators, for example. A measure more framed in their plans for moderation and their problems on this issue.

How to choose and limit who can comment on Facebook

By default, all users can comment on public posts on Facebook, but we can change that in specific publications using the new control tool. It must be taken into account, of course, that at the time of publishing this piece it had not yet reached everyone.

We must go to the particular publication, click on the three ellipses that we will find in the upper right part of it, click on Who can comment on your post? and select one of the three options: public, friends / profiles and pages you follow or profiles and pages you mention.

If what we want is change by default and in all public posts we make who can comment we can do it from Settings and privacy > Setting > Public publications > Who can follow me and checking that the chosen option is Public. Then we will click on Edit next to Public Post Comments and we will choose the option that best suits our preferences.

Facebook claims that it aims to help its users "better control and understand the content they share and see in the news section"

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In Instagram, a platform also owned by Facebook Inc., the strategy in this regard is slightly different and focuses on silencing and ignoring haters.

On the other hand, Facebook has also announced new tools today "to help people better control and understand the content they share and see in the news feed". Following the launch in October of the ability to bookmark pages and profiles, the idea abounds in preparing an option for Android and iOS to allow users to filter the content of the news feed Come in Most recent and Favorites.

Finally, those of Mark Zuckerberg say they want to be more transparent about the recommendations of pages or groups that we do not follow, but that they think might interest us, expanding the section Why do I see this?. Accessing it, Facebook promises to offer more information about the reason for the suggestion, although it points out that it has to do with related interactions, related topics or our location.

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