Facebook now offers its free 'community manager' courses in Spanish to obtain its official certification

Last October, during its 'Communities Summit' event, Facebook announced the launch of free courses for those interested in obtaining their Certification in Community Management. At that time, these courses were only available in English ...

... but now, the company has decided to extend access to its certification program to a much larger number of users, by translating the course into seven other languages, including Spanish (to which French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian and Thai are added).

No, being a 'community manager' has not gone out of style

Although the great 'boom' of the community manager profession took place a decade ago, The truth is that it is a position that in this time has only consolidated its importance in the communication strategy of companies and institutions.

And, in fact, the large social platforms are the first interested in that these professionals can take full advantage of their networks, and awarding official certificates is the best way for these skills to be recognized In the labor market.

I respond to the criticisms of the brands with the most complaints on the Internet

In Facebook's words:

"Whether for a brand or a non-profit organization, having a community manager who is an expert in good practice is an important part of building and maintaining an online community."

"The courses address topics such as defining and creating a community, developing community strategies and processes, making strategic content decisions, engaging and moderating tasks, or measuring and analyzing the success of the community" .

Online courses, which will be available in all the languages ​​mentioned throughout this month, can be consulted on the Facebook Blueprint platform.

From Facebook, they invite "community managers from around the world" to participate and take a look at their "new public study group (available in English only) to collaborate with their colleagues and start the learning journey."

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