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If you have arrived late to the mega-presentation of Xiaomi, here we summarize all the news at a stroke ... This is how the Mi 11 family grows!

It has not been the most normal event that we have attended in recent times, and it is that Xiaomi already anticipated a product carousel yesterday that they have not even been able to present in full after five hours (you read that right, five hours of presentation!) that tomorrow they will continue with much more and surely better, starting with a new generation Mi MIX that we have been waiting for many months, and that you should release liquid lenses for your photographic system.

Soon we will get out of doubts so do not disconnect tomorrow either, but for those of you who have arrived late, we did not want to give you a hard time eating the almost five hours of the streaming that Xiaomi has posted on YouTube, so let's summarize everything that the Haidian giant has presented this afternoon complete an already prolific Mi 11 family also growing its ecosystem.

Xiaomi Product Carousel

Without a doubt, five hours of event have gone a long way, but Xiaomi promises to continue tomorrow!

In any case, in case anyone has time and wants recover the event first hand along with all the news presented by Xiaomi, here we also leave you the complete presentation video which is really not that complete, because the Chinese giant did not have time to show us everything he had prepared:


They themselves announced that tomorrow, March 30, will regain command of operations from Haidian, for a "Day 2" even more loaded with new products that we will teach you, as always and first-hand, from Andro4all with all its details.

Xiaomi's mega-presentation, day 1: everything you need to know

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

The best mobile in the history of Xiaomi is already a reality, without fanfare or future technologies that we will see in the Mi MIX, but with the best hardware that can be obtained right now on the market, in addition to a gigantic and superlative camera module In terms of performance, it even has a mini-screen with multiple functionalities.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: all the specifications and features of the most powerful Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

One more step on the Xiaomi Mi 11 that we met a few weeks ago, but more restrained in his case than the option Ultra no secondary screens. It is perhaps the most compensated Xiaomi model that you can buy if you want a high-end with the best photography at the best price.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro: technical sheet and full specifications

Xiaomi Mi 11i

Surely the strangest and most unexpected option of the entire Mi 11 family, because in his case the idea is to lower costs compared to the Mi 11 and offer a flat screen that many want, but keeping the chipset and main cameras.

It will be a great option, obviously niche, but there are people who hate curved screens and it is good that they have the possibility of acquiring a high-performance terminal like this.

New Xiaomi Mi 11i: technical sheet and complete characteristics

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite and Mi 11 Lite 5G

We did expect these, perhaps not differentiating a 4G LTE model and another 5G, but it was logical that Xiaomi launched a Mi 11 Lite because these models that lower prices and benefits from a flagship are usually sold as authentic churros in the global market. Its features are much more compensated, its prices are more attractive, and for an average user, it will undoubtedly be the option to choose from the entire Mi 11 family.

New Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite: technical sheet and complete characteristics

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

So no surprise was also expected, since the Mi Band is surely the best-selling physical quantification bracelet in the entire history of the wearables.

Affordable prices, universal compatibility and advanced possibilities are to blame, with one more step this time in customization, water resistance up to 50 meters deep and more than 30 workouts available, with automatic detection of sports practices and much more.

It even includes the monitoring of blood oxygen together with the cardiac sensor, and it can analyze sleep using this data from our breathing to be even more precise.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is official: technical sheet and characteristics

The 'one more thing' from Xiaomi, its own AirPower design is a reality

Indeed Xiaomi also presented accessories for your novel silicon anode oxygen battery, starting with new wireless charging bases from -eye to the data- to 80W power recharging without cables.

In any case, the most interesting cargo product is his way of carrying out the AirPower that Apple never released, and it is that Xiaomi has dared with a multi-device wireless charging base up to 60W, capable of wirelessly recharging up to 3 devices simultaneously with powers of 20W in each.

The magic they do 19 coils installed inside, as you will see in the image, capable of auto-detect devices in different positions to recharge them from the appropriate coil, also selecting the highest compatible power possible ... And all this automatically!

It costs 599 yuan in China, something like about 80 euros to change, and we certainly hope that in your case they will bring it to Europe as soon as possible.

Xiaomi's new advanced wireless charging base

The mother of all wireless bases, with 19 coils and automatic detection to charge up to 3 devices.

Tomorrow there will be more, so do not disconnect too much because more curves arrive and the Xiaomi Mi MIX paints the sea of ​​good ... Will it arrive in Europe or will they leave us with honey on our lips?

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