Eight tricks to hide yourself as much as possible on WhatsApp and reinforce the privacy of your profile

If you want to use WhatsApp so that you control what your contacts can see about you, you have to know that there are some tricks that will help you keep certain information hidden. The last time you connected, if you have read a message or not yet, your profile picture or your status are some of your data that you can decide how to manage. Here are some ideas about it.

Profile picture


If you do not want the people you talk to on WhatsApp to see your profile picture, you have the option, simpler impossible, that of not putting a profile picture on your WhatsApp or put any photo that does not represent anything.

But if you want to put a photo, you have different options when choosing who can see it. Access the main screen settings (the three vertical dots that appear on the top right of the screen where you see all your WhatsApp messages). Click about account and then in privacy (the first option).

In there choose the profile photo option and there you can select if you want the whole world to see it, only your contacts or nobody. If you don't want one or more of your contacts to see it but you do want it to be there for the rest, you can remove those people from your phone book. They don't have to know you've done it.

Time you have connected


WhatsApp tells your contacts what time you last connected. And it may be that you don't want them to know. It does not stop being part of your privacy the times you take a look at your messages.

To deactivate this, access settings, click on account and then on privacy. There you access "Last time" and it will give you three options: that no one see it, that everyone or only the people you have added to see it in your contacts.

Hide that you are online or writing at the time


Although you have indicated that no one can see what time you last connected, the messaging application that is owned by Facebook does point out to your contacts if you are online at the same time as them (it shows it in the chat with the person, at the top, just under their name) or if you are writing. WhatsApp does not give the opportunity to delete this information but there are applications that can help you do so.

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One of the most popular is Flychat. Allows the user hide this information and it takes up little space in the memory of a computer. You must bear in mind that there are apps in the application stores so that users can track the 'Online' status that WhatsApp offers each time we connect.

Messages read or not

In the age of instant messaging there seems to be some pressure to reply to messages right after they have been read. Although sometimes you cannot, you do not have time, you forget because another emergency has arrived or you simply do not feel like it. So if you want prevent other people from knowing if you have read their messages or if you have listened to their audios, you have different options:

  • The simplest, which only works for written messages, is to deactivate the read confirmation. To do this, access settings (the three vertical dots that appear on the top right of the screen where you see all your WhatsApp messages). Click on account and then on privacy (the first option). Once inside privacy there is a function that is "Read receipts" and you can deactivate that option in the tab. In this way, even if you read a written message, the other person will continue to see the gray checks (or sticks). If you deactivate this option, you will not be able to see if other people have read your written messages.

  • With a widget. There are several ways to read messages, view photos, and listen to other people's voice clips without their knowledge and without having to turn off the read receipt. A very easy way is with your widget. On the home screen, make a long touch and tap on the widgets option. Find and select the WhatsApp widget with 4 x 2 size and wait for new messages to arrive.

  • Listen to audios from folders. To listen to voice messages without the other person knowing, you must use the file manager for Android. WhatsApp voice memos are saved in the WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Voice Notes folder. Inside you will find the audio files with the voice notes, classified in folders by date. If you hear them from there, the blue double check will not appear for the other person.

Hide your WhatsApp status

whatsapp status

The state of WhatsApp is one more option you have to show something that is happening to you or a thought, in the style of Instagram or Facebook stories. It is also ready in the web version of the messaging tool. In this case, you can choose, also in the privacy options already mentioned earlier in this article, who can see your statuses.

The available options are the following: "my contacts", "my contacts except ..." (and there you can choose, one by one from your agenda, which people you want to hide this information from), or "only share with" (unlike in the previous option, you choose the chosen ones from your agenda).

Blank name


If you want to put your name in white in WhatsApp so that none appears You should know that this process is very simple, you just have to use a Unicode character that is basically a blank space and put that as your profile name.

If you use WhatsApp from the desktop, either the web application or the app for Windows or macOS, all ** you have to do is click on your profile photo **. Once this is done, the information boxes of your profile will appear that you can edit. These are: photo, name in information.

Next to the space for Your name there is a button in the shape of a pencil on which you can click to edit your name. WhatsApp asks you to put at least one character in this space in order to validate it. It is useless to leave the space empty. The solution is to paste this "⠀" Unicode character in blank (select with the mouse what is inside the quotes) and use it as the profile name.

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