Dropbox opens its password manager to all users, not just paid users

Not sure which password manager to use now that LastPass has restricted free plans? Well soon you will have a new alternative at no cost: Dropbox announced that your password manager will make the leap from the 'premium' platform to free subscribers. Of course, with certain limitations; like the fifty password limit.

The number of passwords that we usually use could grow in an exaggerated way if we used a password for each platform, service or application where we register. There is no doubt that this strategy is the safest, but brings the discomfort of remembering a huge list of passwords. An access manager solves this problem; at the cost of entrusting a very sensitive part of our personal data to you. The best thing is to bet on password managers after which a prestigious company is behind. For example, Dropbox.

Free Dropbox users will have a password manager with up to 50 passwords

Dropbox passwords

Dropbox introduced password storage and management to its service premium as part of the features of the Plus and Professional plans (August 2020). Since then, subscribers of these plans can save their passwords in the cloud while syncing across all your devices, be they desktop or mobile. Storage is secure, private and protected on Dropbox servers. It can even suggest strong passwords in case a new registration is desired.

The management and storage of passwords is a highly demanded option these days, especially for those users who until now used the free LastPass service (surely this is the reason behind the Dropbox movement). As the company itself has announced, the cloud storage platform will offer its service passwords free from April.

Once Dropbox extends the service, free users (Dropbox Basic) will have access to:

  • Creation of strong passwords.

  • Storage of up to 50 passwords in the Dropbox cloud.

  • The passwords stored will be accessible from any device registered with the Dropbox account.

  • Passwords will automatically sync between three selected devices.

  • Soon it will also be possible to share a password with any user.

The free password creation and management service will be available at the beginning of April for all free Dropbox users. To know when the company starts operating, it has enabled a registration form.

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