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This year many things have changed and among them the way of working. Many of us have installed teleworking in our lives and this may go on for a long time. If you do not have an updated Windows license you may your documents and work files are in danger. But here we are going to tell you a solution at a great price.

You may think that having an up-to-date Windows license requires a great deal of money, but it doesn't anymore. Thanks to companies like Goodoffer, a store specializing in license sales, you can get, for example, a Windows 10 Pro license for just 11 euros. In addition to this, it is launching good offers in Software for a limited time.

Goodoffer24 licenses

It's time to change your Windows and Office license

Buy your Windows and Office license with 30% discount

As you can see in the previous image, there is no doubt that they are some very good discounts to be able to buy a license without your pocket barely noticing it. You can choose different Windows license options (Pro, Enterprise or Home) and Office licenses (2019 or 2016 license) or you can even purchase one of the pack formats to make it even cheaper.

To all this, we must add a 30% discount applying the code «A430».

Windows 10


Pack: Windows 10 + Office

In a few simple steps you can acquire your license

Buying a license is a Very simple procedure and you can do it with total security. First of all you must register on the web and once this is done, you can select the license that interests you. When adding the licenses to the cart, you must complete the payment process, without forgetting to apply the code "A430" to have a greater discount.

When all this has been done successfully, in a few minutes you will receive a email with the key and with all the guidelines to activate the license. In a short time you will have the license activated and at a very cheap price! Do not miss offers like these!

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