Does the mobile charger only work if you move it? So you can fix it

If your mobile only charges when the cable moves ... try these tips.

Fast charging is always better than a good battery. In the event that you have neither one nor the other, surely you are one of those who have to leave the mobile charging overnight or for several hours.

And surely the following has happened to you on more than one occasion. You put the mobile to charge with the cable and it does not charge. Alert! Of course, you move the charger and the energy begins to enter. Witchcraft? Do not, surely there is a problem that needs to be solved.

How to fix that the mobile charger only works if you move it

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The charger can be one of the main responsible for your mobile not charging.

The first and the simplest thing is check if there is dirt accumulated in the charging port of our device. On many occasions this is the main reason why our device does not charge.

Cleaning the charging port of our mobile device is really simple and you only need a toothpick, compressed air and above all, patience and care.

In the event that despite the above, our device only charges when moving the charger, other alternatives will have to be tried.

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Cleaning the charging port of the smartphone is many times the best solution

It is possible that the problem is with the mobile itself and that there is an error in the charging port. With good lighting and with the help of a magnifying glass, we can check if there is any sign of damage, something bent or some other problem.

Unfortunately in the event that this is so, the safest thing is that the warranty does not cover said damage so we will have to pay ourselves to repair said breakage.

Now, we do not have dirt in the charging port and it is in perfect condition so it is possible that it is the cable itself or the charger that is causing problems. So it's time to take a look.

If the charger only charges by moving the cable, the safest thing is that some internal component is damaged. Most of us neglect cables, leave them anywhere, bend them, and honestly mistreat them.

Charging cable

IPhone charging cables are not very durable.

So if the charger and its cable are in perfect condition with the naked eye, it is most likely that it is damaged inside. Solution? Go to a store and buy another charger. Be careful because we always recommend official accessories or at least from recognized brands And it is that in this matter it is not worth saving a few euros and putting the health of our device at risk with a charger of dubious quality.

Finally, if we have tried all of the above - clean the charging port, buy a new cable, see if there are any damaged components ... - and the mobile device still does not charge, our recommendation is to go to a repair center, as long as the terminal is not under warranty, in order for a technician to do a complete check and diagnose which is the failure of our mobile device.

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