Do you want a cheap 5G mobile? Wait, this 2021 the prices will go down even more

This year 5G mobile phones will reach the market for less than 200 euros.

The year 2020 marked the arrival of the new 5G connectivity and, therefore, of the first terminals compatible with these new networks, but, according to experts, this year will be the best to be able to acquire one of these devices at the best price.

The prices of 5G terminals will start to fall this year

The prices of 5G terminals will start to fall this year

These are the data of the 5G terminals sold in the United States in the last half of 2020

As reflected in a report published in Counterpoint, in 2020 there was growth in the sales of smartphones with 5G connectivity in the United States in the second half of the year.

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This increase in the commercialization of devices compatible with the new mobile networks was favored by the market launch of the first iPhone with 5G, especially if we take into account the large market share of Apple terminals in the American country. In addition, in that period, devices that arrived in Europe as the Google Pixel 4A 5G, the Motorola One 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G.

This trend began in the first half of last year with the arrival on the market of mobile devices with 5G with a price range that was below 400 euros, about 300 euros to change, such as the LG K92, the T-Mobile REVVL 5G and the TCL 10 UW 5G.

What can we expect from the market in 2021

So far this year, terminals with 5G have continued to arrive in the US market with a cost below $ 400, such as OnePlus Nord N10 5G with a price of 300 dollars, about 250 euros to change, the Motorola One 5G Ace which costs 399 dollars, about 330 euros to change and the ZTE Blade X1 5G with a cost of 384 dollars, about 320 euros to change.

These new mid-range terminals with 5G have a very complete set of specifications for a large number of users and as sales of this type of device increase, on the one hand, prices will drop and, on the other hand, we will see 5G terminals with better cameras, more RAM, screens with more refresh rates and more powerful processors.

As 5G coverage expands, more and more people will want to access a terminal with this connectivity, which will cause manufacturers to present terminals with more shortened specifications in order to reduce their cost and, thus, reach a greater number of users.

For example, if we think that the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, a terminal that has a 90 Hz screen, a 4,300 mAh battery with 30W fast charge, costs about 250 euros, it is not unreasonable to think that we can see 5G mobile phones with a few prices that fluctuate between 150 and 200 euros.

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With all this information in hand, if you are thinking of buying a smartphone with 5G without spending a fortune, our advice is that you wait to do it, because throughout this year terminals compatible with this new network with great value for money.

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