Do you have an old iPhone? It is very possible that you will run out of WhatsApp

If you have an iPhone 4s or a terminal prior to this, very soon you will no longer be able to continue using WhatsApp.

Every so often, WhatsApp updates the minimum requirements for mobile operating systems to continue using its application and now if you have an Apple mobile terminal you must have iOS 10 or higher version in order to continue sending and receiving messages through this platform.

If you have a version prior to iOS 10 on your iPhone, forget about continuing to use WhatsApp

If you have a version prior to iOS 10 on your iPhone, forget about continuing to use WhatsApp

As of now, WhatsApp needs iOS 10 or higher to work

The specialized medium WABetainfo has recently published a tweet, notifying that the latest version of the instant messaging application owned by Facebook, 2.21.50, is now available in the App Store and removes compatibility with iOS 9

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WhatsApp has just notified through its FAQ section that remove your app support for devices with iOS 9, because the minimum version to be able to use its platform on an iPhone is iOS 10, a version that it was launched five years ago.

This mainly affects iPhone 4s and earlier terminals of the Cupertino-based company, since in these the latest version of its mobile operating system is iOS 9.

We must remember that the iPhone 4s was launched on the market in 2011, 10 years ago, and, furthermore, according to Apple itself, currently only 2% of its mobile terminals use a software version earlier than iOS 13.

WhatsApp has a similar scale for iOS and Android, because in the latter the minimum version is still la 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich, which goes back to 2011 as well.

But this does not mean that WhatsApp will stop working immediately on these iPhones, but that these devices already no further support or updates will be received by the courier client.

The message that WhatsApp is sending to the whole world so that we accept its conditions

Anyway, if you have an iPhone with iOS 9, chances are that WhatsApp stops working on it at some point close in time, and you will know it because the application itself will show you a message notifying you that you are using a very old version of it.

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