Do you have Nova Launcher? Turn your Android into a Pixel in less than 2 minutes

If Nova Launcher is the king of customization on Android and the Google Pixel interface offers the best experience ... We were already taking time to join them!

Since birth the two great advantages of Android have been the opening of its platform, which allows you to see the operating system on practically all types of devices, and the huge customization possibilities offered, which means that there are no two identical Android smartphones if its users want.

In fact, most advanced Android users install as soon as they turn on their terminals an launcher personalized with which power modify the interface of your smartphones or tablets, and if in this of the customization There is a king in the Google Play Store, that is without a doubt a Nova Launcher of which we have already given you tricks and details to learn how to use it better than anyone.

Android 11, news

The Android 11 interface on Google Pixel mobiles.

In any case, we know that many of you are already enthusiastic about Nova Launcher, so this time we are going to teach you how to get the interface and the most sought after experience on the Android platform in less than 5 minutes, which is none other than the Google Pixel with its very clean interface Pure Google.

And the best of all, is that you can do it following a few simple steps that we now teach you from the hand of Android GadgetHacks, and downloading a couple of files that we will also provide to facilitate the task ... Do you want the Pixel experience on your Android? Well, let's go for it without further delay!

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How to get your Android to behave like a Google Pixel with Nova Launcher in just 2 clock minutes

The first thing is to confirm that this trick is indeed will work both with Nova Launcher Prime, the paid version, as with Nova Launcher in its free version, although obviously if you pay you will have more future customization options on this basis. The tutorial step is this, so here we leave you the download links Nova Launcher as a must-have installation:

1. Install the Pixel Icon Pack

Another download from Google Play Store, in this case totally free, in the form of an icon pack that perfectly emulates the style flat from the google interface for your proprietary smartphones.

These icon packs integrate wonderfully into Nova and you can select it without problems from the Nova Launcher settings, although The Nova backup file that we will attach to you already includes it preselected to make your task as easy as possible:

2. Install Nova Google Companion

To use the feed from Google Discover as it works on the Pixel, dragging your main desktop to the left, You will have to install this APK to have the application Nova Google Companion built into Nova Launcher. You must enable the installation of external applications on your mobile, because you have the APK available right here on Mediafire:

Nova Launcher, initial configuration.

Selecting the configuration file in Nova Launcher.

3. Download the backup with the Nova Launcher design

As we already mentioned, we leave you directly the Nova Launcher configuration file already prepared, so that you do not have to dive among its hundreds of options to leave everything correctly adjusted:

Unfortunately, the system not set up to automatically adjust to light and dark themes depending on the schedule and ambient light, so you will have to download the chosen one, or both, and configure it on your devices. How is this done?

Let's see, if you already have the Nova Launcher app installed you must go to its settings and delete the data to start from scratch. If you install it again or you have already deleted the data, you are ready to import the file of the design that you have downloaded a little while ago in this same step of the tutorial.

For it, In the initial Nova wizard you will be given the opportunity to choose your starter design, and pressing the button "Examine" you can search the download folders for the file concrete that you have achieved, to apply it directly and not have to configure anything else in the interface.

Nova Launcher already with its Pixel interface configured and finished.

Nova Launcher already with its Pixel interface configured and finished.

4. Make the final touches and configure your widgets

On the desk you will already find a widget added and adapted in size, so that you configure in a simple way The popular "At a glance" from Google simply by pressing and accepting the addition of the widget with the options "Always allow" Y "Create".

Make sure before you have the Google application installed on the deviceObviously, because this widget will be in charge of offering you all the most important information you need, well contextualized and taking advantage of everything Google knows about you.

Finally, you just have to add to dock bottom apps and shortcuts whatever you want, replacing the grayed out icons, and you will already have a Pixel on your Android smartphone spending only a little time, without a learning curve and with everything you need to get it already available directly ... This is not so difficult, is it?

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